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  1. I am not sure, but I don’t think it is pig Latin.
  2. Wow is right...never seen a woman with three of them! You got to wonder about placement.
  3. I moved recently, guns in the pickup, ammo in the trailer. I thought it was safe, as no flammables or a source of sparks/ combustion.
  4. Depends on your age, older was a burr, younger a buzz.
  5. The robbers thought Portland was in Clackamas County.
  6. Not something I am going to try, but if you do ...does it taste like chicken?
  7. I’ll take the other brown shotgun belt. Let me know about preferred payment. DB
  8. It can’t be where a telemarketer works, because they are full of ...well you know!
  9. It is sad that 8 pigs gave their lives for a photo shoot....but where can I get one?
  10. Items spoken for, will go in order of request. Will PM recipients. With thanks to JMF, free to someone thinner than I am: Scully vest, canvas, size XL Wah Maker vest, patterned, size L Pants, grey color, size 36(?) all button, back strap.
  11. Before I make a fool of myself...is there any money to be made as a old man pot bellied pole dancer?
  12. Guess I was lucky in my youth... I thought only one of us needed to provide ...protection.
  13. I don’t think I am old...but where is the booth?
  14. Never thought I would see something that would make me wonder if on the extremely rare occasions there is a place for censorship...but this...is close!
  15. Jack I am cute, so I can do any thing I want to.
  16. Who care how the girl looks....he needed three packs of condoms!!!
  17. Not that I am cheap, but is that one per blueberry?
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