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  1. I screwed up about a year ago buying some used reloading dies. In the notes section of the paypal transaction like a dummy I put the caliber of the dies I was buying and almost got the seller in big trouble. I think they just put a twenty-four hour hold on him and wrote him a nasty note. I felt really bad. So yes a reminder for dummies like me that don't think about the fact that the algorithms they use will pick up stuff like .45 even though you aren't selling or buying a firearm they will flag it.
  2. Wow! That's insane. What a horrible system if it takes a month and a half to process five thousand background checks. That's what you would expect when people used computer punch cards and index files.
  3. What the dealer told you makes no sense. In January of this year the NICS processed 4.1 million checks. So even if you were the five thousandth person in line it would take less than an hour since they were clearly able to process at least 5500 an hour in January.
  4. My Dillon has a ski ramp for primers that don't go into a piece of brass. Most of the time they stop when they get to the end. Unless there is already one or two there. There are fixes for this. I used to think it didn't really matter if one find it's way somewhere I didn't want to crawl on the floor and get. Now I crawl on the floor, and I'll probably put something there to stop them (they sell little after market pieces for that purpose).
  5. Many, many years ago when I was a reenactor, I had a friend who vacuumed up some black powder after loading paper cartridges. I sure wish I had that on video. Needless to say that was the end of the vacuum.
  6. I can remember the good ol' days (last year) when I didn't dismantle the vacuum whenever I heard a rattle go up the hose. I'm thinking of going to the dump and looking through my trash from a couple years ago. In what now looks like madness I have probably thrown out dozens of primers that got sucked up over the years. Makes me cry to even think about it....
  7. "Just remember in the grand scheme of things we'll all in this together - stand, fight and have fun!" Amen brother
  8. We never really buy each other guns. What normally happens is that we'll be in a gun shop, gun show, at a match, or looking on the internet one of us will see a gun they want. At that point the conversation goes like this: One: "If you want it get it." The Other: "It's a lot of money and we have x, y or z expenses coming up" One: "You have a ( insert -birthday, anniversary, or Christmas etc.) coming up we'll just figure that's your present." The Other: "I don't know..." One: "Get it! You know you want." At that point it's ka-ching and the money's ou
  9. It's crazy. They are making it very clear they don't want anyone on Facebook who identifies as a patriot or supports the second amendment. Heck, they aren't real happy about the other nine amendments either.
  10. Anyone who remembers the original Invasion of the Body Snatchers with Kevin McCarthy trying to warn everyone about the pod people will recognize this post. A good friend of mine Jake, who is the owner of the Patriot Patch Co., had his business page for the Patriot Patch Company banned from Facebook this morning. His patches are just pro-2A. He doesn't have any right-wing or political stuff - just pro-2a stuff. All of it very creative and funny. He had built up that page over the last five or six years until it had over 170,000 likes when, this morning, it was wiped out by someone a
  11. I don't think that's going to be a problem. Most of us shoot what we do because we like the round. I don't shoot .45 or 44-40 cause it's the cheapest or easiest to shoot. Of course I might have to shoot lighter rounds someday - I ain't getting younger. Those of us that shoot black powder certainly don't do it because it's easy. Maybe there are some of the .38 shooters that would scale down to .22 - I can't speak for them. Having said that I don't think .22 (other than buckeroo or juniors) should be eligible for top gun.
  12. I shoot USPSA and other modern shooting sports and there are still a lot of folks in those disciplines who come out and shoot their first match who are very excited and still never show up again. Or they show up for a couple matches and then disappear. It's not just the money. They think they're going to be the next hot shooter and learn it is going to take them years to get good enough to challenge the top shooters so they quit. Or they find out it's going to take a lot of their time to practice, learn to reload (most top shooters in other sports also reload) and to keep their guns running.
  13. Sass Alias: Colonel Kraken Sass #: 108599 Quincy, Florida How long have you've been Cowboy Action Shooting: A year and a half.
  14. Marshall, I'd call your U.S. Rep. They have people in their office that deal with all types of complaints. Often a simple phone call from the office of a U.S. Rep or Senator can burn through a lot of stupid. And this just sounds stupid. Honestly, they are at fault for cashing a money order (their own money order!) that had been altered. The USPS is an independent agency under the executive branch, but all federal spending originates in the U.S. House.
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