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  1. Thanks to all for info. I found it underside of barrel hidden by forearm. My baby was born 1990!
  2. Had same problem recently 45lc in revolver. A fellow shooter suggested not belling brass as much, just bell big enough to get bullet to start. I took his advice and resolved the problem. A little more trouble to set the bullet, but worth it!
  3. Uberti 1866 Yellowboy 44-40 , Navy Arms import. bottom tang shows 5 digit serial # and 3 proof sets and Uberti's name, no date code. I pulled stock and found nothing on inside of upper tang. Anyone have a clue where it might be hidden? When did Navy Arms stop importing Ubertis and does anyone know what rear sight came with sporting rifle? Thanks, Raven Law Dog
  4. Howdy, I see on your web that you're out of Pietta and Uberti. Are you going to get anymore in?
  5. Howdy Barbwire Benn, If my purchase permit comes back in next few days, I'll have equipment to shoot in B, but I want have a cart yet, was planning on trying to see if someone at the event might have an old one they're not using anymore for sale and a shotgun shell belt. Got any suggestions on getting through the day without this stuff? I'm gonna be nervous as a cat under a rocking chair. lol:P

  6. Howdy Mam, is there a way for me to change my Forum profile name to my new alias I just received?

  7. Thanks, Barbwire Benn, I came to one of y'alls shoots a couple of months ago! That's why I'm in trouble with the fever. Y'all really made me feel welcome and set the hook. I didn't realize the Big Boy was such a late model when I bought it, but that's ok, I don't think you can own too much wester gear! I still need another revolver and then I'll be able to try the B category. Thanks, Dean

    1. Barbwire Benn

      Barbwire Benn

      come on out again and get the fever !

    2. Raven Law Dog

      Raven Law Dog

      Thanks, planning on coming out next month:)

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