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  1. Howdy, I see on your web that you're out of Pietta and Uberti. Are you going to get anymore in?
  2. Thanks, Abe! I see you and Wade Butcher are both in Greenville area, I have my son and family in Laurens. Sounds like a good excuse to Shoot with you guys and visit trip. I plan to venture out a bit when the weather starts warming up again. When does your Posse shoot?
  3. Thank You! Parson Remington! Your explanation cleared up a lot of confusion for me. I've been shooting CAS for almost 2 years now and no one has been really able to help me get cleared up, until now. Reading the rules a newbie tends to believe, there are only 2 categories to choose from and you see all these other shooters not really fitting either one. As I see it now, age based category is actually a 3rd category, which makes sense now. No one has ever asked me what category I shoot in at a match, only what style I shoot. I dress basic classic, but I need a straw hat in summer! Thanks Cowbo
  4. OK Cowboys, I need your advice. I just acquired a Rossi Overland 12ga, I'm trying to over come old habit of not having to cock manually. Rabbit ears on this animal are small and springs are really stiff. Hammers have coil springs. Does anyone have experience with lightening them up? I can' afford a gunsmith and I don't want to screw it up by not seeking advice. Also, being out of production so long, do you know of any spare parts supplier? Thanks for any help!
  5. Thanks Goody, I found the code BC 1993. I bought it in a gun shop used about 1 yr ago, it is in such great shape, I had no idea it could be that old. Navy Arms stopped importing them in 2009, buying them from Winchester since. I knew it had to be at lest 10 yrs old.
  6. M y second gun is a Pietta with the 4 clicks. At the loading/ unloading table I either pull one hammer too far back or not far enough which is a little annoying, but I've always preached, if it aint broke, don't fix it. You guys reminded me that I should probably take my on advice. Thanks for the kick in the pants! Both are tuned and slick and a joy to shoot, both shoot better than me! Happy trails and thanks!
  7. I have a Cimmeron/ Uberti 45lc Evil Roy revolver. Unfortunately it is equiped with Uberti's new floating firing pen safety hammer. It is tuned and I love the revolver, but it has that hammer with only 3 clicks and not needed for CAS. Can anyone tell me if it can be equipped with the old hammer system with the 4 clicks?
  8. I'm trying to find when My navy Arms uberti 1866 24.25 inch octagon Yellowboy rifle was made sr# 52874, Any help is appreciated
  9. Howdy Barbwire Benn, If my purchase permit comes back in next few days, I'll have equipment to shoot in B, but I want have a cart yet, was planning on trying to see if someone at the event might have an old one they're not using anymore for sale and a shotgun shell belt. Got any suggestions on getting through the day without this stuff? I'm gonna be nervous as a cat under a rocking chair. lol:P

  10. Howdy Mam, is there a way for me to change my Forum profile name to my new alias I just received?

  11. Thanks, Barbwire Benn, I came to one of y'alls shoots a couple of months ago! That's why I'm in trouble with the fever. Y'all really made me feel welcome and set the hook. I didn't realize the Big Boy was such a late model when I bought it, but that's ok, I don't think you can own too much wester gear! I still need another revolver and then I'll be able to try the B category. Thanks, Dean

    1. Barbwire Benn

      Barbwire Benn

      come on out again and get the fever !

    2. Raven Law Dog

      Raven Law Dog

      Thanks, planning on coming out next month:)

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