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  1. Howdy Barbwire Benn, If my purchase permit comes back in next few days, I'll have equipment to shoot in B, but I want have a cart yet, was planning on trying to see if someone at the event might have an old one they're not using anymore for sale and a shotgun shell belt. Got any suggestions on getting through the day without this stuff? I'm gonna be nervous as a cat under a rocking chair. lol:P

  2. Howdy Mam, is there a way for me to change my Forum profile name to my new alias I just received?

  3. Thanks, Barbwire Benn, I came to one of y'alls shoots a couple of months ago! That's why I'm in trouble with the fever. Y'all really made me feel welcome and set the hook. I didn't realize the Big Boy was such a late model when I bought it, but that's ok, I don't think you can own too much wester gear! I still need another revolver and then I'll be able to try the B category. Thanks, Dean

    1. Barbwire Benn

      Barbwire Benn

      come on out again and get the fever !

    2. Raven Law Dog

      Raven Law Dog

      Thanks, planning on coming out next month:)

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