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  1. Thanks for the heads up on the saddle ring install! Extra mistake holes in it wouldn't be purty!

  2. Good find! Thanks for heads up. Found some in local shop, about same price, but no hazmat fee ofcourse.. As I understand it Remengton is back in full swing now and hopefuly more will come and prices will drop if a big hording event is avoided!
  3. Wow! I never ever wanted to ruffle so many feathers! I've learned a lesson. Keep my opinion to myself. Sorry guys! No desire to make enemies. I love CAS. My first negative experience with it. Y'all Rock!
  4. I ordered saddle ring set from Cimarron, I'm hoping to install it myself. Uberti 44-40 short. Any warnings from you guys to keep me from screwing up?
  5. I can see having 42 shooters and a complete revolver reload, it's gonna be a long day!
  6. Over the years, I've been involved with other clubs and organizations, but nothing has ever been as good a fellowship or comradery as CAS. All the clubs I've visited, it's the same! I'm pretty easy going and don't mind the challenges sometimes submitted, when I hear fussing and wining, in one ear out the other, it's a human thing, it's mostly just venting a bad stage. I say relax and enjoy the fellowship. And by all means ring some steel too!
  7. Being a retired police officer, I kind of enjoy spotting, but like Harry Callahan said, " a mans' got to know his limitations ", when I see a gun fighter step up to the line or a 14 second speed freak, I respectfully bow out for a more experienced spotter to take my spot. All these don'ts these guys are talking about , I've regretfully done and I don't want a bad reputation. No one and I mean no one is going to be upset with you for caution! I don't believe you should spot a gunfighter until you learn how to sequence it yourself. I may never learn, it's crazy!
  8. Boy Warden! You called this one right! I do photo and video editing most of the video they don't show muzzle flash and when they did, it and bullets hitting plates were obvious fake! It makes you wonder what brainchild decided to make a fake video to represent them. I would love to see them doing the actual BB competition, if that is what is going on. Who knows, they might have just been dry firing. Big thumbs down on this group!
  9. Happy that you found out in time, thanks for the heads up!
  10. Thanks guys for the thoughts! I can see that you speed shooters might have issues with it. I shoot CC and not really concerned with speed as much as shooting clean, which I'm happy to say, I'm improving a lot. I love the look and hearing the plates ring. Most of all I love the comradery! I ordered saddle ring set from Cimarron and am hoping I can install myself. Any warnings to keep me from messing up I'd value. Thanks again
  11. I recently traded for a Uberti short 44-40 rifle, 20" oct barrel, I like the look of saddle ring on carbine the difference of 1" and round barrel! I was thinking of adding a saddle ring, just for cosmetics Whatchoo Cowpokes think? Dumb?
  12. Uberti 66 yellowboy, 24" 44-40 oct barrel, Uberti 73 short 20" 44-40 oct barrel. The yellowboy has partial slick job, 73 has full slick job. Like going from manual steering to power steering! NOTE: I had a Uberti 73 24" 45 oct barrel because my revolvers are 45. I found out shooting 45s with low CAS loads, the walls on 45 cases don't expand good because walls are thick top to bottom. You get a lot of burnt powder backwash and I had to completely disassemble after every shoot to clean. PAIN IN YOU KNOW WHAT! I traded back to 44-40 because problem is not near as bad. Plus 4 " shorter barrel in
  13. Thanks to all for info. I found it underside of barrel hidden by forearm. My baby was born 1990!
  14. Had same problem recently 45lc in revolver. A fellow shooter suggested not belling brass as much, just bell big enough to get bullet to start. I took his advice and resolved the problem. A little more trouble to set the bullet, but worth it!
  15. Uberti 1866 Yellowboy 44-40 , Navy Arms import. bottom tang shows 5 digit serial # and 3 proof sets and Uberti's name, no date code. I pulled stock and found nothing on inside of upper tang. Anyone have a clue where it might be hidden? When did Navy Arms stop importing Ubertis and does anyone know what rear sight came with sporting rifle? Thanks, Raven Law Dog
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