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  1. 19 hours ago, Cannon said:

    RMR Bullets 



    These guys say they are behind in shipping. I ordered some lead about 2 weeks ago and most of it is here now. One box is at the post office. The mail lady asked me to get it.....

    It comes about half and half of rifle bullet noodles and bullet cores. The lead is perfect for casting. No messing with ingots.

    Delivered to your door for around $1.50 per pound.



    Been looking at this the past couple weeks, seems like a good way to get started learning reasonable cheap. 

  2. I'm interested in a few of the older style Lee Auto drum measures for the turret presses. The have the red hopper with the removable cap, so you can refill without taking the hopper off.  In a pinch, I'll take the new clear one piece hopper style, but prefer the old.  If anyone has a few laying around, I'd be happy to buy em off ya. Thanks in advance, and Merry Christmas to you and yours, 



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  3. I think it's a cool idea, and can help make the sport more accessible/appealing to more folks without wildly diluting the spirit of the game. There are a lot of people who get really into the genre that could fit in really well with the SASS family. Sports evolve all the time, and different doesn't always equate to bad (obviously within reason). Time period is consistent, so I think it fits with SASS as long as the standards are consistent. Heck, I think could be fun to have a Mad Max style "post apocalypse western" side match sometime, but that might be going too far...

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