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  1. Might have an extra set to part with. I'll look here in a bit an if somebody else dont beat me to it I'll let ya know
  2. Still is, It's yours I'll reply to PM
  3. Sold

    send recipient info and how you’d like the gold.

    ill send FFL info

    Thanx Sir

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    2. Fast Freddy

      Fast Freddy

      Nobody’s called anybody yet. I’m callin now

    3. Fast Freddy

      Fast Freddy

      Rifle showed today. She’s a beauty



    4. Bittertrigger


      I’m so glad 

      enjoy her 



  4. And....to do my part, I'll throw this in the pot unused Galco IWB hide holster Fits my Kimber 5" 1911 like a glove Bought new and never used it
  5. I would appreciate havin it sir. Just got one and somebody put one a them ugly red rubber ones on it
  6. Butt plate for the WI '97 still up for grabs?
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