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  1. Rossi model 92 SRC (EMF). Excellent condition This one here's in 45 colt with a 20" brrl. CCH & pre safety Very little use & unmolested 'cept for the lever wrap $650 shipped to your FFL
  2. Thanx for the offer. I'd go 550 shipped. Already burnin cash at the original price, so thats my bottom dollar
  3. Winchester 1897 in 16g 21" brrl Very good condition. Bought from Outlaw Gambler who tuned it and added "load 6" BStock & FStock in great condition although Bstock has a small chip out of it at the wrist but no cracks Smooth and ready for action $600 shipped to your FFL
  4. Got one just like it that needs a new home. I'll post tonight
  5. Howdy, What do you value your 270 at...dollarwise
  6. Model # REV556205DE Short-Stroke Cattleman (SW-HAMM) 5.5" 357MAG - Deluxe BTT
  7. Win/Miroku 1873 44-40 Like new with stupid low round count 24" octagon, straight stock Marbles tang peep Worked over, jewelled up and leathered by yours truly $1,250.00 + shipping to your FFL. There'll be an extra charge if your FFL does not accept from a non FFL party PM me for additional info/pics Thanx fer looking
  8. Pair of Uberti Cattleman's in 357 mag 5 1/2" These are the Taylor tuned, short stroked edition with the short hammer (probably known as "smoke wagons) They are super slick for bein' off the shelf Barely used and show no signs of wear whatsoever Original boxes, manuals, etc.. $1,150.00 + shipping to your FFL. There will be an extra charge if your FFL will not accept from a non FFL party PM me for additional info/pics
  9. NIB USFA Rodeo in 45LC 4 3/4" $1200.00 + shipping to your FFL. If your FFL doesn't except transfers from non FFL parties, there'll be an extra charge to ship from my FFL. PM me for additional info/pics
  10. Still is, It's yours I'll reply to PM
  11. Sold

    send recipient info and how you’d like the gold.

    ill send FFL info

    Thanx Sir

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      Fast Freddy

      Rifle showed today. She’s a beauty



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      I’m so glad 

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