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  1. I have a very nice Stoeger Coach Gun Supreme that's my main match gun, but I'm looking into switching to Classic Cowboy sometime in the near future. I'd prefer a double over an '87. I'd also prefer to not have to spend a ridiculous amount of money on something like a CZ.
  2. Howdy all! I was in a local gun shop the other day, and up in the racks they had a used Century Arms Coach Gun on consignment. The price was stupid cheap, and it got me thinking, are these things any good? Are there any known issues like broken springs or soft firing pins I should be concerned about? I held off on buying it because I've been bitten by cheap guns before.
  3. I agree with TN Mongo, I'd rather not drop my shells during a stage because they're too slick to hold onto. After a vigorous scrubbing of the chambers with a bronze chamber brush I use a silicon spray lubricant on a cotton chamber swab. Takes care of any sticking problem I've ever had.
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