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  1. Scout .....I know I know. I got excited. Maybe I will not be such a bad shot next time
  2. Moe ...It went great. I was shooting 357 vaqueros, marlin 1894 cl 44mag and coach in supreme 12g
  3. It was a great experience. I know where my weak points are and know what to practice and improve upon. I will be attending a new shooters clinic this weekend so I should be on the right track. Thanks for everyone's help and encouragement! Tooslow CAS 02-09-19.pdf
  4. Lol that's great! Thanks for the welcome.
  5. So I would like to thank the Oklahoma territorial marshal's for guiding me through my first match! It's too late for backing out now I am hooked! Had an awesome time! Thanks Tooslow
  6. Moe I use the red harbor freight powder coat and have had great results with it.
  7. My current cowboy guns. I have a super blackhawk 44 mag as well and I will shoot my first match this Saturday.
  8. Thanks tequila chase. I have been powder coating bullets for a while and most likely the way I will go. I'm already set up for it.
  9. OLG I have never used molly coating. Could you explain the process and product you use? Thanks J.R.
  10. New guy question... are powder coated lead bullets approved for shooting CAS? I do have Alox but prefer to powder coat my cast bullets. Thanks J.R.
  11. Unfortunately I gave the remaining 44 special loads back already. But it sounds like I should just change to the new extractor anyway. Thanks for the advice. J.R.
  12. I have never had an issue with cycling before but have always loaded the longer mag cases
  13. OLG I believe it's just a timing issue with the shorter rounds. The rim of the next inline cartridge is getting hung on the front of the carrier assembly.
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