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  1. The dimensions are 5 ft+ by 5 ft +
  2. Dimensions are 5 ft+ by 5 ft +.
  3. Florida, near St. Augustine. Shotgun
  4. Thanks for the response. This is a professionally processed elk hide, with the hair on, it’s got a bullet hole in it, about 9.3. It was a big bull, I can measure it if you wish. It’s soft, supple, just the hide, no fancy cloth backing, I’ll call it a rug if u wish, but it’s just the skin. Ive been trying to post pictures, I have them, I’m pretty frustrated. Can’t be that difficult, but... Shotgun
  5. This is a tanned hide with the hair on. shotgun
  6. I shot an elk a couple of years ago, and had it tanned professionally. I was going to use it for a project. I’ll try to sens a picture, more if you want it. $250 us and buyer pays the shipping. Shotgun
  7. Charlie, how ya doin? I’m Buiscit Shooter Jake from the Cowford Regulators, just up the trail. I missed your offer, if you’d put me down as second if the first falls through, I’d appreciate it! Shotgun
  8. The barrel is 24 in. The book says 8 shots,tho I’ve never loaded that many. This is a rifle; it’s not a pistol caliber. shotgun
  9. I have a Marlin rifle for sale. I was going to get into the rifle sport, but enjoy the pistol calibers. The rifle is a JM, not old, not new. I’ve shot it a few times, it’s accurate, not an 03! Includes rifle, dies, shell holder, brass-much unfired, and bullets. About 2000 bullets, mostly lead, some jacketed. Someone is going to get into the rifle shooting sport, I’d like $1200 US postal order, I’ll send it to a dealer of your choice. shotgun
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