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  1. I just removed my mag tube cap for the first time with the help of a knowledgeable and experienced pard. This is gonna sound weird, but I held the rifle with the butt grounded. He put a socket on the mag tube plug to protect it and tapped the socket a few times lightly with a hammer to loosen it (no torque, just tapped straight down). After that I literally removed the cap by hand with no tool. On the jamming...you said you’re using factory rounds, so I’d check 2 things to start. Are they 1.45” or longer and do they have a flat point? In my humble new guy opinion, both are critical.
  2. 4 choke tubes, lightly used in a Beretta 682 I no longer have 2 Victory Skeet, 1 Briley IM and 1 Briley M. $100 shipped CONUS.
  3. This is a decent starter set as you figure out what you want to shoot. Long enough for 5.5” barrels. I used them for a couple matches while waiting for another rig. Fit 357/38 colt clone, can be wet molded. Comes with double strong side and right handed cross draw holster. Also including a more well used 12 ga shotgun slide and bullet slide (not sure the caliber) that I had laying around. Not metal/kydex lined. No belt included. $150 shipped CONUS. Thanks!
  4. A pair of DIllon roller handles...one with a foam coating was on my 650 and the one without was on my 550. $45 each or $80 for the pair shipped CONUS.
  5. Like new...tried it for a day and didn’t like it. $40 shipped CONUS.
  6. There are a few Facebook SASS pages that are worth checking out as well. One of them is a Sass Vendors page and would also be a great place to ask that question...just a thought. The pages are relatively new but seem very active
  7. Just to be clear, I didn’t intend to criticize others for their gun choices in my original “advice” post. I am quite certain that the common new shooter question “which gun(s) should I get?” Can only be answered by that shooter and only that shooter has to live with the decisions they make. I only wanted to encourage others like me (who wanted to try CAS for years) to get past some of the obstacles they/we put in our own way and just get out there and posse up!
  8. Yep, that was me. I’m even thinking about changing my alias, so I basically got nothing right ...but seriously, just go give it a try!
  9. I’ll take it! You are a great pard to do business with!
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