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  1. Looking for a maker for a LH holster similar to one pictured. Ruger New Vaquero 4 3/4 ' for a 3" belt to match the outfit i bought for grandson TRICKSTER. Made by Tombstone, San Diego. to clarify, looking for a holster maker to make one. TOMBSTONE has disappeared.
  2. If you don't mind me asking, who would you go to for similar look, construction?
  3. Same experience. Trying to order a matching LH holster to replace a cross draw. Frustrated but at least no $$ is involved. Sorry (angry) for your loss.
  4. Ideally with 1/2 oct 1/2 round Bbl. Unmolested.
  5. Thank you. I ain't no business man and I ain't no electronics key pusher.
  6. Buried among the pictures was my description and price. $650 + shipping. Having the barrel and chamber re sleeved was expensive.
  7. Oops. It is a 1906. To many darn buttons to click. Withdrawn.
  8. Perfect for the "new" category or Youth. Barrel and chamber relined. It shoots where you point it. Takedown. Usual cosmetic wear for the vintage. $650.00 + Shipping.
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