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  1. Howdy 9 toe Joe

    Gateway Kid here

    Just asking but I am having a problem accessing the Winterrange.com website.

    My copy shows last update as of June of this year with no ability to see any of the "who's coming" cart policy or schedule stuff.

    Also this is to be my first Wild Bunch match as my work schedule has prevented this in past years.

    I was hoping to get a confirmation letter or email as my entry check cleared my bank on Nov 20 and I have to submit my vacation schedule by December 8 to be sure I have all my days off in order. I know the Wild Bunch fills up quick so I have called the contact number 1-623-465-8683 on five separate occasions and left messages but have not yet heard back.

    Do I have bad contact info or am I just not technically savvy to understand the website or ???

    Hoping to hear from someone as this is my one and only "Can't Miss" match and I love being there. If I need to resend application or whatever needs done could you please advise.


    Thanks in advance


    Gateway Kid


    Glen Bishard


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    2. Gateway Kid SASS# 70038 Life

      Gateway Kid SASS# 70038 Life

      Thank you so much for your efforts

      It is this kind of "behind the scenes" caring for your customers that is why your match is the best in the world and worth saving up vacation to attend

      I have served as a posse marshal the last 4 years and consider that service to be the highlight of my sass experience but it is a small thing compared to all the work your crew puts in each year

      Looking forward to hearing from Sunshine




    3. Gateway Kid SASS# 70038 Life

      Gateway Kid SASS# 70038 Life

      Howdy 9Toe Joe

      Gateway Kid here again

      Still no confirmation on my application (checked my records mailed on November 7, check cleared my bank November 20)

      Sunshine Kay's voice mail box is full and not accepting messages

      Not able to see any update to who's coming (last update June 2017)

      I submitted my vacation request so I have time off for Wild Bunch and Cowboy, a bit nervous that I do not know if all the paperwork is done.

      Just updating you, thanks for what you guys do


      Gateway Kid


    4. Nine Toe Joe #25190

      Nine Toe Joe #25190

      I don't check this that often, but I do know Kay is back and working like a mad woman. They have posted a "Who's Coming" list now on www.winterrange.com and your name is on the list.


      Technically we are fully, but are going to raise the limit a little, in many ways cause of the fine work most of our Marshals do. So tell your buddies to get their apps in now!

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