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  1. To keep it moving I have these loading strips one is 38 and one is 45 just let me know who could use them and where to send them.
  2. Don’t forget the shotgun boogie trigger version 2 is my favorite. It is in the middle of straight and curved positions
  3. Ft white will have a great match and it is close to i75
  4. Pioneer sells them separately from pin if you look under miscellaneous gun parts it gives option for spring only 5.00
  5. Really wanting to buy one I know I will need the longer stock in a year or two
  6. I need a short stock for my 9 year old daughter hoping someone here has one there kid out grew. Thanks
  7. Mr w

    Cerakote on sass guns

    I just want to make sure the color and finish is sass approved before I pay to have it done
  8. With ruger wranglers being made with burnt bronze cerakote finish would this be allowed for use in sass. I was going to have my kids shotgun done to match the revolver finish
  9. Colt has some cool props planned for the shoot you won’t want to miss it.
  10. With a mill you can do what ever you want it was a big investment but I sawed enough lumber for my barn to pretty much make it pay for itself I went used so I could get the hydrolics which are a must for turning the log as you cut the woodmizers are built so pretty much Everything on it can be rebuilt and serviced
  11. Woodmizer all the way I bought a used lt 40 with hydraulics for my horse barn and it is amazing the woodmizer quality and support are hard to beat. Good luck.
  12. I need a couple stock uberti lifter arm and lever springs if you got some laying around let me know thanks.
  13. Please let me know still need one
  14. I need a lever for a uberti deluxe pistol grip rifle lever hopefully someone has one they changed out. Hopefully someone has one laying around
  15. Florida state match this weekend might be a good place to look
  16. I will take the giraffe bone grips per our pm
  17. Btt for weekend deal 75 dollars shipped
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