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  1. I need a lever for a uberti deluxe pistol grip rifle lever hopefully someone has one they changed out. Hopefully someone has one laying around
  2. Florida state match this weekend might be a good place to look
  3. I will take the giraffe bone grips per our pm
  4. Btt for weekend deal 75 dollars shipped
  5. Thanks for all the help. I have a 1861 army grip and frame on gun and need something smaller hopefully a navy size or standard saa grip trigger gaurd back strap doesn’t have to be pretty just looking for something cheep as this project is on a budget
  6. I am in need of a uberti saa back strap/grip frame and grips for a saa project. I believe I want the smaller size navy. The grip that is on it is bigger think it is a army. Brass is fine. Hopefully someone has one they took off and needs a new home.
  7. These are a 2 pair of grips for new model vaquero they are walnut and custom engraved have nice patina and overall look. 75 dollars shipped.
  8. I need a mec supersizer 12 g and was hoping to find a used one here let me know if you can help
  9. Better look for go no go gauges as well
  10. Just Made these for the upcoming cool weather
  11. Nice fusion of old school pin stripe and cowboy looks sharp
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