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  1. I have a Ruger old army blued with 7.5 inch barrel. The gun is nice and has expected wear and finish for a bp pistol.750 obo shipped
  2. So if had shot his pistols first say shooting order is shotgun pistol rifle and he shoots shotgun moves to second position where he is to shoot pistol then rifle and he shots his pistols and grounds them instead of reholster and then shoots rifle and reholsters pistols what’s the call a p because he did not reholster after his pistol string was done
  3. Captain bill Burt Hi it’s Bucky buckskin I am putting together the youth match and would love to have you guys attend hope you can make it work we will have 6 stages and hopefully a team stage like with a parent and kid team and maybe even a little man on man set up if we have enough kids we will do lunch and ice cream after the match
  4. Btt price reduced 225 shipped
  5. The website is down and won’t let us upload the scores to ft white cowboy Calvary website but there is a link on action shooting network with the results
  6. These are new made by me. They are nice heavy duty chaps with a nice aged looking leather laced at top of leg and four toggles at bottom of leg to close. Waist will fit 36 to 40 inseam 31-32 standard 5’10 to 6’2 sized fella thigh 26’’. 225 shipped
  7. Thank you I order I set from midway
  8. In need of some 38-55 rcbs cowboy dies let me know what you got thank you
  9. I had a Uberti target Saa pistol that looked like these
  10. Great cowboy and shot the shoot off like a true campion congratulations
  11. Thanks for the offer but I just need two frames
  12. Not interested in trading frames but thank you for the offer
  13. I am looking for two stainless ruger bisley grip frames I know I can buy them from midway but was hoping to find a pair here that are collecting dust please on me with what you have thank you
  14. If there is any 40-65 brass left I would take 50
  15. These are for original vaquero buffalo horn eagle grips. They are not the thinner gunfighter. 110 shipped
  16. I have a pair of grips for a new vaqueros white Altamont shipped
  17. I have a set of buffalo horn smooth grips for one gun 150.00 shipped
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