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  1. At the last Bordertown match they had magnetic name badges that I really liked. Each had 2 very powerful magnets that even worked through your hat. It was nice to not have to poke holes. I've ripped holes in a few shirts when standard pin-on badges have caught things.
  2. We have two pairs of Great Western II Californians that my 3 boys and I have shot for most of our time shooting CAS. The only action work we ever did was loosen up the triggers by cocking the hammers back and then pushing the hammers forward as we pulled the the triggers several times (dry fired) when we first got them. Then the triggers and everything else felt great. We never felt like the guns needed anything more or kept my boys from keeping up with the very fastest shooters.
  3. She is shooting a 12 gauge. The shells have been loaded very light (but can be loaded even lighter). Having a big, heavy gun also helps with the recoil. Buckaroos and buckarettes still have to hit all their targets. Because they may be shooting .22s and other light loads, knockdowns will not always go down so that is not required. With the shotgun, if one bb hits the target, they are good (benefit of the doubt goes to the shooter).
  4. We have a 16" trapper in 357 and the spring had to be shortened to hold 10. Then I added a mag liner and the new spring for it wouldn't work. The smaller diameter spring had more coils and couldn't compress short enough. Only way I could make it still hold 10 was to make a custom spring that had alternating large and small coils. The small coils fit inside the large coils when compressed making it take up a lot less space. It worked well and has been reliable.
  5. Thank you SASS and Misty!! They are very nice buckles. Much appreciated!
  6. It really was a great match. They always do an amazing job!! I only have the first page...
  7. I ordered some Ginex SPPs from Capital Cartridge about 2 months ago. They took 10 days before they shipped. Primers look good. They are a little more stiff than I hoped. They were inconsistent in all the guns we used them in. Best we could get was about 1 in 20 would need a second hit. They've all gone off with additional hits though. Our guns are pretty light. We've always used federals so they are harder than those but not sure how they compare to others. Your results may vary.
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