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  1. Just load some shorter ammo, just for reloads.
  2. Wherever it is held, it needs be big enough that it can't be sold out in an hour and a half. Or even a few days. It can't be a world championship if all of the best shooters that want to attend, can't attend.
  3. Same thing with the side match results.
  4. Wow, scores are already up... https://www.sassnet.com/EoT/2021results.php
  5. Who were the top shooters? Looks like Bonnie McFarland must be the overall top lady if she beat out Holy Terror.
  6. I've been told that lots of stuff gets posted on Facebook, but I don't do FB. So thanks for posting here. The range looks really nice! How's the weather?
  7. We have been very disappointed that we couldn't attend EOT this year. We were planning on it, had housing reserved and everything. We just didn't realize that registration would be a quick draw competition. I would love to know what the match is like this year. Please post pictures or video and tell us about everything. How is the range, how difficult are the stages, what activities did you participate in, what are you experiencing? Please share EOT with us!
  8. There are so many times I have wished a TO would just keep their mouth shut and get out of the way. I have several experienced, young shooters. Often a TO will assume they are a new shooter and tell them all sorts of things, sometimes yelling out unneeded coaching in the middle of shooting that breaks their concentration and confuses the heck out of them. If they needed help, I would tell the TO beforehand. But they don't need help and if they do they will ask. There was one well intentioned older gentleman at WR that felt like he needed to keep his arm around my daughter the entire time she w
  9. It's funny how different threads will have completely different responses. Somehow the few people that have had problems with the wrangler have found this one. Ruger is known for having the toughest revolvers and fixing any gun no matter how old or how many owners it has had. The wrangler is designed after the reputable single six but they somehow figured out how to build it for a fraction of the cost while still making sure all the important parts are tough. Like all Ruger revolvers they come stiff, but that's an easy fix with their spring design. You can cut the springs or buy a
  10. Yes!! Finally, a real match that isn't too far away. We'd all love to go if we can work it out (if you know what I mean). This lock down stuff and our limited supplies has really put a damper on our favorite sport. We haven't shot a single stage since last year's WR and this would be our first match back. You guys always do a bang up job and it is such a great range in the mountains with lots of shade. We had a blast the last time we were there!
  11. I've had one for a long time, what would you like to know? We love ours! I also have a Competition Electronics timer that we haven't used since getting this one. The Commander has a huge sensitivity adjustment range (10 levels of adjustment) and can adjust for echo delay so it can be more or less sensitive than other timers depending on what it is set to. Once I got ours setup right, I don't think it has ever missed picking up a shot, even from a 22 rifle. You can program different settings for 5 different presets. So one preset can have the settings you want for plain dry fire, a
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