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  1. It looks like I'll soon be relocating to northwest Las Vegas for a year commitment beginning in January. It looks like there will be a few Sass clubs within a reasonable drive. My question for those in the know is what practice range options should i look into? I appreciate any information you all might provide.
  2. My brother made this cart a few years ago. It is set up for 2 shooters, made of oak, and quite heavy. If I were going to keep it then I would swap out the wheels for something lighter. 5/8" axle. I drive a tiny car to shots and it simply doesn't fit in my vehicle. $75 local pickup in Auburn.
  3. I've had success with a heavy charge of Unique under 200gr XTP. I consider it an ethical hunting cartridge out to 140yds. After that accuracy falls apart and energy drops too low for bullet performance.
  4. Great!

    I like the older ones.

    Don't really care for either of the newer ones.

    So.....I'll get a check in the mail when I get home this weekend.

    Currently camping in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts




    AKA Lou Polsinelli

    3265 Silsby Road

    Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118-2946


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