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  1. It could also be a burr on the cylinder ratchet. I look for this and make my best attempt to get all 6 chambers coming into time identically. If it is only one chamber then this may well be the case. A person can buy replacement pawls a whole lot easier then buying replacement cylinders.
  2. Sounds like your pawl needs tuning. If the cylinder is locking in place but the hammer not coming to full cock then in general you need to take a little off the second (lower) shelf of the pawl so that it retards the cylinder rotating. This is assuming nothing else is haywire like an aftermarket hammer stop or any number of things.
  3. Ok. Y'all convinced me. I'm running out of excuses to not shoot this category. Thanks for the replies.
  4. My gut tells me maybe not but what say ye? I've heard this rule described as no visible lugs from the side but also have heard it interpreted as needing to be smooth leather soles.
  5. It is possible to install xr3 grip frames. There are work arounds to the lock or lack of a lock that amount to 5 minutes work and a few dollars in parts. Having fit steel grip frames to Blackhawks with aluminum grip frames as well as bisley grip frames to custom revolvers I will say that it's not worth the time and money if what you're after is a factory offering. You will have $150 per gun in the grip frames/ grips and that's not counting getting rid of the bisley trigger if you haven't already. It's not overly complicated to fit them up and it can be done well using no more than a file and some Emory paper but if it's your first go expect to have 6 or more hours per gun. I betcha there's a cowboy or cowgirl on here right now that would give you a fair price for what you have and then you can buy what you really want.... For now.... Then again if my wife bought me revolvers I'ld be stuck with them for life. Lucky for me she's only bought me one and I still kinda like it.
  6. As a victim of a pretty substantial burglary, I now keep my leather out of plain sight. The thieves took all my leather that was hanging about but none of my guns in the safe. I have spent too much time wondering what the junkies got out of that leather. I know what I had in it. My concerns are not for the conditioning of the leather but rather security. That said there's no room in the safe so the leather goes in an inconspicuous closet with an anvil and grand piano dangling overhead.
  7. I switched to Remington gun club low recoil because I can always get them at Dunham's in case quantity. They work well in my guns but I've heard others don't like the ribbed case. I reload them once and toss them.
  8. This, and this is precisely why I went for recutting the throat. I gave away most of my casting equipment a few years ago to a new shooter that was way more excited by the process than I. Thanks, I feel ya. I love all things SASS but love shooting and tunning guns more than rule clarifications. Something for everybody. I did get a chance yesterday to shoot this rifle. It was snowing and raining so nothing scientific as to accuracy. Rounds chambered without resistance, rifle functioned smooth and rang steel. Now I'm ordering more bullets.
  9. This is a follow-up post to a post I put up about a year ago. The initial problem was this rifle would not chamber a round without the rifling cutting into the bullet. I took pictures of this for the original post and it's on the wire somewhere. I popped the barrel off for a closer inspection. Incidentally this barrel came off harder than expected and I had to pull some tricks out that I've never had to employ before even on old Mausers. The chamber is cut from the factory with no freebore. My remedy was to run a ptg combination reamer in to give some freebore. This particular reamer is made for both rifle and revolver chambers. I chose to run the reamer in by hand for a host of reasons that boil down to not wanting to waste time on the lathe when this rifle will be used for cowboy. Pictures are before and almost after (I have about .010" to go in the after picture.) Rounds chamber without resistance now. If the stars align I'll get this put back together and shoot it this afternoon.
  10. I'll say from my experience you got lucky. I've bought three of these in the past 4 years all new. The first was a complete loser. The stock was broke at the tang. The chambers were the roughest I've ever seen. The extractor fit so poorly the the action wouldn't open. Every screw on that thing was buggered. After reworking this gun it is slicker than snot but there's only so much I can do about the chambers. The second one was much improved suffering only from the normal finish issues common to most of the import Chinese guns. The third was the same as the second except that it came with 2 noticably different hammers. One is about .080" wider than the other and the checkering is different. I love shooting the 1878
  11. I enjoy both and vote with my money. If I like the stages, target size, trickery, I go back, if not I find somewhere else. If I had time to help in such matters I would definitely gravitate toward older stuff with aerial targets, occasional small targets, bonus targets, reloads, before the beep steer wrangling, whiskey drinking, ect. It's also a hoot to watch fast shooters banging out 10 second stages and it is nice to let my guns run without fear of missing (and miss anyway.) I don't have time to help, barely time to show up once a month or even once a year sometimes, so I don't complain either way.
  12. I've had success with a heavy charge of Unique under 200gr XTP. I consider it an ethical hunting cartridge out to 140yds. After that accuracy falls apart and energy drops too low for bullet performance.
  13. Great!

    I like the older ones.

    Don't really care for either of the newer ones.

    So.....I'll get a check in the mail when I get home this weekend.

    Currently camping in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts




    AKA Lou Polsinelli

    3265 Silsby Road

    Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118-2946


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