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  1. Wow what a great price... Wish I had the $$$. Guess I have to see what I can move to get the $.
  2. Of still available im interested
  3. Again thanks to everyone for all the info. We have been reading the suggestions together and starting our research...
  4. Thank you to everyone who took time to comment. My wife is former law enforcement....now retired and has zero issue with the shotgun and rifle and I would never buy her a gun without trying to get it in her hands first. I truly do appreciate all the suggestions and direction on where to start our search. I'm completely hooked on my new found hobby and hope she will be too.
  5. So I'm Very new to the sport of Cowboy action shooting. My wife joined me at a shoot this past weekend and she thinks she would like to join as well. She is pretty familiar with firearms and shoots a few times a year. She has shot my cowboy guns and her only complaint is how heavy my pistols are. I have a pair of older style matching vaqueros. So we are curious if anyone has some recommendations of a few pistols we could look into for her that might be a little lighter?
  6. Rest in Peace Charlie. A great MAN and Patriot!
  7. I'm a firearms instructor for law enforcement and also have my own business teaching civilians. By far most deadly force encounters are 12ft and closer but I strongly urge my students to be incredibly proficient at that distance to work it way out to 50ft. When evil visits you it will determine the time and distance. Will you be ready?
  8. I will check this afternoon but I believe I'm a 7 5/8
  9. Any chance I can get his contact info?
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