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  1. I will take the 38/357 shell holders.
  2. Great day today at Firelands and again thanks to everyone who helped get me started this year. I'm absolutely hooked. Today was a little bitter sweet. Probably my best overall day of shooting but probably last shoot of the season. Can't wait till next year!!!!!!
  3. I will have the poker run sign up in the clubhouse when it opens
  4. I may have to outbid you on that rifle rye lol
  5. OK let me start buy saying this is my first season CAS and I'm completely hooked. Most of my equipment is used but has worked well. I have decided to buy a custom belt and holsters this off season. I have been looking into several different company's and i have a few questions. I currently wear my holsters on each side lined up with my legs. While looking at Mernickle Holsters website I noticed that there Gunfighter Series holsters have there holsters up front of the legs, more directly under the stomach. Now I know i have a stomach under my belly somewhere. So i guess Im asking does anyone use that style? I am curious if my belly would interfere with that style. I have started paying attention to styles at my local shoot and haven't seen that style in person yet. And when looking for belt and holsters is there anything I should look for specifically for gunfighter styles? Thanks for reading my post and any in put would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Looking to replace a worn out butt stock cover. Preferably black in color but open to other colors.
  7. I agree I don't think a remake is needed or should be done but that doesn't take away from the question a photo I think What play those roles. Just something fun to think about.
  8. So I just finished watching Tombstone again for probably the 500th time and while getting ready for bed i was thinking, if they were to do a remake of this classic who would play the 4 main characters? So I figured why not ask all of you. If they remade Tombstone today who should play the Earp brothers and Doc Holiday?
  9. I know it would be about of work but maybe make it something regional. That way more people could attend. More vendors and sponsors from that region might be willing to get involved to help. More small craftsman would probably travel within there reagon.. Just an idea.
  10. well im 3 shoots into my CAS venture now I will be keeping track lol.
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