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  1. Ok well talked pard this morning and he wants it. So if still available would like to make arrangements.
  2. I live in the Cleveland area and have a pard that needs a cart. I will see him tomorrow morning and if he wants it i will take it and come pick it up.
  3. Well let me start but saying I'm new to this sport and love it so I might as well offer up some opinions. 1st. I think every club should have some kind of mentoring program. Someone who is a regular at that club and would be willing to take new people who show up under there wing per say. The new people hang with the mentor for the day and the mentor explains the stages , sweeps, scoring etc throughout the day. Then after the shoot the mentor takes a little time and explains to the new person all the different options they have to acquire the geer. A lot of new people may not know anythin
  4. Another option i use is black finger nail polish. When it dries use a clear coat nail polish over it...if u ever want to remove it all u need is nail polish remover.
  5. Looks like I will get my first chance to shoot Tusco sooner then I thought!
  6. I would just like to add that I am still very new to the sport. I started by attending a few local shoots and fell hard. I have been very fortunate with getting gear together from other cowboys. By going to local shoots and showing interest i have seen first hand how generous this community is. I have gotten all my guns and gun cart used from local club members at very fair prices. To be honest I bet a few of them took a loss on some of the prices to help me out and to help the sport. The people of this community are generally very helpful. Most of the people I have meet care more about the sp
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