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  1. I have 2 pair of beretta 950 25 acp grips I made. 25.00 shipped
  2. I made these for my sub 2000 gen 2 it adds an inch to the stock and is made of a soft urethane rubber. It only fits gen 2. The stock will not snap shut on it when installed but does fold close. 25.00 shipped ped
  3. Hi I was just wondering if you would like to ad a recoil pad I made for my jen2. It adds an inch to the stock and is a soft urethane rubber.
  4. I was just wondering I don’t know much about it but thank you
  5. Hello can they slick up a marlin 38/357 and short stoke if if so where can I get it done and price thank you
  6. I use it when the lawn mower won’t start helps everytime
  7. Can I have no 16 the brown vest please let me know where to send money thank you
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