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  1. looking for an original leather marlin rifle sling
  2. Howdy daughter bought me new boots first pair. Is there an oil to soften them up any info appreciated
  3. I’m also looking for a 12 guage shotgun belt or slide I’m a size 36 waist
  4. Here’s another example I find an average of 2 bicycles a week that people throw out. Usually that’s all that’s wrong is flat tires, a lil rust and maybe a good cleaning. As a kid I tore apart my bikes ,changed sprockets , berrings ,even repainted them. But today it’s easier to just go buy a new one.
  5. I have a friend looking to get into the sport. He is thinking of getting a Rossi 92 38/357. Anyone looking to unload one
  6. There is something seriously wrong in this country. I voted for trump and have people who were friends shun me. My good friends wife now gives me the cold shoulder. I’m starting to see more and more people actually hating people because they voted for trump.
  7. Has anyone heard anything about the bump stock ban being overturned. Someone told me that it was but I’m sure I would have heard that it was.
  8. For the case of 1600 32 boxes 50 in a box. Wouldn’t want to split them up
  9. Check for 5 tickets goes out tomorrow. Good luck on the build. ChicagoKidd
  10. I had planned on shooting sass had everything but the rifle. But then due to atrial fibrillation I had to get a defibrillator installed. So when I woke up from surgery I was told they weren’t able to put it on my left side so they put it in my right side. I was told no more shooting from that shoulder any longer. So I havnt shot anything for two years now..They said it should be ok to shoot lefty but I’m hesitant to try. Hope this helps you. All said n done no more shotgun on right side for me
  11. I just came across a case is 1600 22 shells. There’s 32 boxes with 59 in a box. What would people pay for those
  12. Does anyone have the lil beretta950 jet fire 25 cal pistol? I am making grips for the model that fits around the safety. If anyone needs a pair let me know. These are reproductions. Not original.
  13. Good evening. I’m in merrillville Indiana and wondered if you can ship primed shells. I have about 95 primed nickel plated primed 357 mag shells I don’t need but not sure if I can ship them if I sell them
  14. I’m looking for anyone who has 25 auto brass for sale
  15. Sorry morningwood it’s a lil more than I wanted to spend
  16. Hi law dog couldn’t figure out how to pm you I’m interested
  17. happy new year to all.im looking to see if anyone has a mini 14/30 folding stock thats collecting dust that would like to sell they no
  18. just received the 45 shells today thanks a bunch

  19. just hold your head up high walk away with class,they will miss you.im sure.
  20. Sorry wasn't trying to copy just adding what i would do as an answer to your post about winning the big one.i havnt got the hang of this thing yet my apologies.
  21. The first thing i would do is set up a hundred year trust fund for all remaining relatives.then i i would lay low and try not to bring any attention to my self and just enjoy life and see the us no need to go outside the us theres so much here to enjoy here.
  22. Hey there chili Ron,i'm from illinois ,The Chicago Kidd,i'm thinking ill just wait until i have enough to get a good gun something that can get slicked up.Once i have the funds i''ll start shopping on here first and see if i can get a deal on something all ready to go .i have watched a few matches at the Oak Park Sportsman Club in plainfield il. The Fort Beggs Regulatios and it looked like a lot of fun.I just retired last year at 62 and ready to enjoy it..i have talked to a few guys there and had lunch there but i'm kind of embarrassed to ask to use someones gun.like i said i only need th
  23. Thank you for all the advice im hoping this spring i will start shooting in sass with or without the rifle i have gone and watched and really want to try this so thanks once again for all the feed back
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