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  1. Short stroked, 3 clicks, new pic shows half cock and full cock
  2. I want to say that's half cock with full cock not much further but I'm not absolutely sure. I will check when I can.
  3. Kirkpatrick model LH09 leather holsters and 12 ga. shotgun belt and 2 cartridge holders. Measures are roughly: Holster belt overall 47" to center hole 41" Shell belt overall 44.5" to center hole 39" Used with Uberti .357 w/ 5.5" barrel Holster have adjustable retention. Practically new, light use/ handling marks only. See pictures for measurements on belts, the shorter measurement is from center holes to buckle. 300.00 + shipping
  4. For Sale (2)- Uberti SASS Pro 5.5" in .357/.38 Revolvers have less than 100 rounds each through them, the scuff marks on the cylinder are handling marks. The identifying marks on the buttends were made by me. Have not been used in a match. Factory short-stroked and competition ready. Have original boxes. See Uberti website for complete revolver specs. 900.00 + you pay shipping to FFL Fluke #104789
  5. I've got a 45-70 call me at 406-231-2329 lets see what we can work out.  Thanks, Shaddai

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