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  1. Sorry if I should know this but Lonnie? Full name, company please.
  2. So I asked this because I am having a rig made for me. I decided to go with 10 loops because I like the look and I can add a slide if need be. I really appreciate all the responses. Thank you to everyone for being so helpful!
  3. I have a left hand strong side black leather Kirkpatrick holster for sale. I bought it many years ago so I believe it’s their standard Westerner model. It is like new condition because it was never used and only worn a few times. Originally bought for a ruger in the late 90’s and it fits 44/45LC and the size is large. The belt and holster are Swede lined with 24 loops. I measured the best I could and from the middle hole to the base of the buckle is 41 inches. I wear 36 pants and I’m on the second to last hole nearest the holster. I did bugger an additional hole on the strap but that can be cleaned up by a shoe repair or leather person with a better punch. I’m looking for $200 OBO, new ones are selling on their site for $325. Shipping to the US only for added cost to buyer. Let me know if you would like any of phots.
  4. Thank you so much for everyone’s point of view and your responses!! I really appreciate all the posts!!
  5. Everyone has been great with their responses!! I’m seeing a pattern here. Less is more!!
  6. I’m looking to have a rig built and would like to ask how many bullet loops is average on most belts? Is there even an average? I know people have a different number preference but I was just wondering what some of you all have on yours. Thanks
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