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  1. Good comments from OG. I have purchased parts from him and he has been helpful on the phone with technical info as I try to keep nearly a dozen '97's up and running. He has likely forgotten more about a '97 than I will ever know. And OLG correctly notes that a solid frame model is an entirely different critter. JCM has added a much more detailed and in-depth source of information that is available to purchase. Many thanks! As noted in the OP, the gist of the short video is simply the basic disassembly and reassembly of a Winchester 1897 shotgun. It does not attempt to cover the variety of take-down models produced, adjusting, tweaking, repairing etc. My method follows OG's advice and technique. Perhaps his expertise should have been consulted before final production! So bearing in mind that there is way more to know and understand about one of J Browning's puzzles, realize that the suggested video is most likely intended as a very basic instructional and understanding piece that is kind of fun to watch and hopefully helps someone. Your milage may vary~!
  2. This youtube video appears to have been recently posted (as in yesterday) and is about the best I have come across. It is basically a tear down and put back together step-by-step instruction that would pretty much allow anyone to take it down to the last part. Good for cleaning or parts replacing, but not for tuning or diagnosing problems. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PaR2SUo6dvg
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