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  1. If it falls through, I’m second in line! TB
  2. Hey Ethan, I’ll tale #’s 15 & 17. If you’ll split out # 18... I’ll take 200. I keep promising myself that I’ll load these cal at some point!! So might as well add to the pile!! TB
  3. Hey Thunder Creek,


    I get  Tired of these sanctimonious old farts, being smart A-holes with their jerky responses to valid questions!!  I’m a tool guy (hence “ToyBoy”)... I’m now thinking I should get one of these tools... but I shoot 45’s and don’t  seem to have an issue like the 38ers do. In fact have a buddy trying to decide if he should go 38 v 45 ... I think I’ve got him convinced that it does make difference!!


    Good luck, maybe some-non smart ass has one cheaper than mfg pricing!


    1. Thunder Creek Kid

      Thunder Creek Kid

      I know what you  mean. I think twice about putting anything on the wire or classified anymore because of 

      the know it alls!

      I have said far less things on here and had the post deleted before.


      Thanks for your comments.


      Thunder Creek Kid

  4. Keep me in mind if it falls through! I'll take it! TB Bandito
  5. Hey Dutch, is the Cimerron '73 case hardened? Sorry to hear that your hanging up your spurs!! TB
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