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  1. Fantastic!!! Wish I could be there!!! Hopefully, next month! TB
  2. Could not have said it ANY BETTER!! Thank you for being of the only race that matters... Human!!
  3. ThankYou!!! (You too Tyrel!)
  4. Mucho Gracias!! Thank you too All!! For the help!! TB
  5. Taylor’s “had” em! That’s who i ordered from and they’re back ordered. Something about Uberti being in Italy all shut down. Don’t know why, it’s not August...
  6. Hahaha!! I was all prepared to keep it from flying away & glad to have my safety glasses on!! When I get the extras that I ordered, I’ll bring you one of the leftovers!! Right now just about everything is in a baggy but it all back in/on the Carbine!! TB
  7. So, I was cleaning my 1873 Uberti Carbine (older model) and decided to fully break it down... well I knew to be careful when removing the dust cover. I even planned on the sphere popping out... not shooting at 750 fps!! So, I ordered 2, but the first place back ordered them and 2nd will take a week+. I’d like to get it put it back together and was wondering if anyone knows what size it is so I can get one locally as it’s just a ball bearing! Any ideas? TB
  8. Hey Slim, We'd love to have you come down to Wartrace and join the Regulators! Check out our site at http://wartraceregulators.com. It's pretty common that folks bring down various items to sell at our monthly matches. TB
  9. I’ll take the 1911 grips. Let me know where to send the gold (via PM). TB
  10. Dang me!! Some of gots to work so we can complete!!
  11. Hey Yul, tried PM but won’t go thru: Yul Lose cannot receive messages.
  12. I’d be interested in some info on Tucker’s and Yul’s squib rods. TB
  13. That would be a P938... & I carry mine and other times my 1911 ultra compact. Both great shooters!
  14. Keep me in mind if it falls through! I'll take it! TB Bandito
  15. Hey Dutch, is the Cimerron '73 case hardened? Sorry to hear that your hanging up your spurs!! TB
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