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  1. That's not too bad. We're about 30 mins west, so maybe only 1.5 hours to you?
  2. Love to, the wife and I were talking about visiting that way this year. How far from Baltimore do you recon it is to where you are? I had a single Ruger 22 for the older, but he never used it, so I passed it along to another. Also a fan of those Henrys. Very nice, just for that, I'll resist the urge to make Chair Force jokes. My Father in Law is retired Air Force, my Brother in Law is still active Air Force, and another Brother in Law was Army. When we all start trash talking they tell me they have me outnumbered, I tell them that just about evens up the odds. I brought my Father in Law to one shoot, and even helped him to come up w/an alias: Wingnut John.
  3. Yup, this is exactly where I'm at. Then again they're still 2 and 4, so I *might* be rushing things a bit.
  4. Thanks, I appreciate it. I was shooting in Annapolis the last time I made it out, but I'd visited Damascus once, and it's closer to where I am now.
  5. Ha, I'm a Marine, I can handle the real talk. Thanks much for it, and taking the time to chime in. I completely understand what you're saying, I've told many a newbie "come for the shootin, stay for the people". I suppose I should've been more clear in my posting that all of those things are putting pressure on my ego, not keeping me from going. I was just getting to the point where I felt I was putting forth a good showing, even took RO I and II. It's more that I don't WANT to show up for the first time having to start from basically square 1 again.
  6. Wow, another year rolled by, and I didn't make it to a single match. Don't get me wrong, I'm crazy about our two youngest, but they sure can cramp a cowboy's style! The crazy thing is that all I really want to do is have them hurry and grow up, so we can shoot as a family. O course, it doesn't help that we moved too. It's tough enough dragging yourself back out after too many missed range days, but it's even harder when you gotta meet a whole new bunch of pards, AND you know they're said to be a mite higher caliber than the last bunch you shot with. Yup, I know, excuses are just like... I'm just saying: any one of those three can be intimidating, but adding them up makes it worse! I swear I might've asked this last time I was here (a year ago??), but does anyone know how I can check the status of my membership w/o bothering the nice ladies @ HQ?
  7. The shipping cost for the 6 shirts is $16.75 for a total of 136.75.  My email address is gunsmoke28@yahoo.com 


    if if you want to do PayPal, let me know and I'll send a funds request if needed.



    Steve Powell


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    2. Conley' Pettamore SASS51892

      Conley' Pettamore SASS51892

      E mail address is Gunsmoke928@yahoo.com



    3. Conley' Pettamore SASS51892

      Conley' Pettamore SASS51892

      PayPal funds received.  I'll ship tomorrow and send you a tracking number.


      Thank you sir

      Steve Powell



    4. WillDearborn


      Great, thanks!  


  8. You got them.   Send me your address and I'll get a shipping quote.  

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