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  1. Then why does he say " the SKB’s are very prone to breaking"> J.M.
  2. Was this off a Cowboy and Indians 4th generation short stroke? If so, I'll take it. Johnny Meadows
  3. Flying W Ramrod is a very good instructor and will hold a good class. J.M.
  4. Many carriers where milled for the tab to go into the carrier were too thick and the tab engaged the carrier bending it. Over time breaking it. Out of time basically has the same effect. J.M.
  5. All shotguns are prone to breaking, SKB less than most, that's why they are the favored gun by top shooters. Johnny Meadows
  6. Mostly a drop in, but it may very with old bolt verses new bolt. If your extractor has broken, then replace the extractor. J.M.
  7. Is VTI gunparts the only source for new 73 bolts? Thank you, Johnny Meadows
  8. Great plan for setting up to run the 8 stages quickly. Talking with Bob, we’re thinking on cutting off at 50 shooters. Good Winter Range warm up stages are planned. J M
  9. Poor memory but I'm always interested in S.S. 32's.  Please give me the details.

    Johnny M.

  10. I ship there all the time. It takes an extra 5 minutes to do the paper work. Not real hard Johnny Meadows
  11. I would like to see pictures if they are not already sold. johnnymeadows55@yahoo.com Thank you, Johnny M.
  12. It is not difficult. Pull the forearm off the barrels and look at the underside. It should be apparent what is needed. Johnny M. 928-300-6684 during daylight hours
  13. It would be a lot easyier if you emailed me at: johnnymeadows55@yahoo.com or called me at: 928-300-6684


    Johnny Meadows

  14. My email address is:


  15. I would be glad to work on your Rossi's.

    Did you want to ship them to me?

    My turn around is at three weeks or sooner.

    My web sit is: www.campverdegun.weebly.com

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