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  1. We used to have a single thread/post where anyone could do that.
  2. I’ve wondered that myself. It used to be that if someone was hand making items and selling for a business they were supposed to become a SASS Merchant and sell there. Regardless Cypress Sun is not the one doing that.
  3. It’ll be fine and fyi Cimarron is an importer and could either be Uberti or Pietta. Go to a match before you buy anything else.
  4. If I get a vote it would be to just leave it like last year, keep it simple.
  5. So why not go to a match and try out several options firsthand? Might find something at a great price while you’re there. As has been stated shoot in the gunfighter category if you’re going to shoot gunfighter. Welcome and enjoy!
  6. Otto comes from your device or whatever browser you use. enter this in your browsers address bar: site:sassnet.com whatever you’re searching for Is vastly superior than searching on the site itself.
  7. All I’d say is when you run out of fiber wads switch to plastic wads, it’s easier to load IMO and cleanup is just as easy and you don’t have to worry about the wad blowing a hole through your shot because of the cup. Ok I’d also say switch to Graf’s or Schuetzen reenactor because it’s cheaper and not as hot as FFFg.
  8. Both sets of grandparents: Brains, liver, possum stew, grits, squirrel. Maternal grandmother used to keep sulfur water in the fridge. When I was really young I’d drink it no problem; but when I got older I just couldn’t. My mom made us eat carob( which is absolutely not a replacement for chocolate) and all kinds of other nasty health food.
  9. I haven’t looked but is any one match(Mag 7 anyway) really that much slower than another?
  10. Well how about enlightening some of us that weren't here 25 years ago then? For what's it's worth, back in August my son and I drove 5 hours to shoot an "old school" match and it was a blast. I plan on doing it again next summer if they have the match. While we both loved it, we absolutely wouldn't want to do that on monthly basis and I wouldn't want more than one stage like those at a big match(state or above). I personally believe the biggest reason for the decline is the economy and sporadic availability of ammo/reloading components.
  11. Nah, I gotta take off Friday and can’t get away today. I’ll make one of these eventually.
  12. Windex with VINEGAR is your friend. 10 minute cleanup max and that’s mostly letting the barrels sit for 5 minutes.
  13. I’m for keeping it permanently. BUT I could live with standard time as long as the changing stops.
  14. Some of us have to work and didn't think to delete that.
  15. Well the PW-87 is not an IAC it's a CAI. In a nutshell: 1. Chiappa 2. IAC Coyote Cap Edition(some of which I believe he did his drop two version on) 3. IAC 99.CAI/PW-87, which are tomato stakes. Some of the Chiappas are Fast Load and have "Lassiter's" drop two from the factory, but someone will still need to give them some TLC. Slater in East Tennessee also does a great job fixing these up (though I don't think he'll touch a PW-87).
  16. https://southeastopenmagnificentseven.com/ Looking forward to this!
  17. Yep, that’s why attending Mississippi State last year made such a big difference in the final outcome…
  18. @Captain Bill Burt I like both ideas. I don't think there's any way we could swing three big matches in three weeks(3 in 6 weeks was hard enough), but I'm sure others could.
  19. Not only no, but hell no to CC absorbing the FC categories. I’m fine with CC shooting black poweder, but I’m not wearing all the CC attire to be able to shoot FCGF.
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