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    looking for a new home

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    Metalworking, blacksmithing, shooting, period metallurgy, reasearch writer

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  1. howdy...do you still have that Husky RB???


    TO Curly Jim


    1. Dusty Morningwood

      Dusty Morningwood

      If you mean this one:


      Yes, I do.  Interested?


  2. Do you have any pics of what you have, and what kind of price tag do I have to lie/tell the wife?

    1. T.O. Curly Jim

      T.O. Curly Jim

      It dependents...let me see what I have welded up that I can use...may be a few US Yankee$$$ but not all that much lucre...


      pop on over to my website.. www.atar.com and look at what I do for a living..

      T.O. Curly Jim

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