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  1. Goldcoast gunslingers in south florida are still unable to use the range.
  2. I have never used or operated a 650 press, however, I do load 32 H&R on a 550 press. I had the same problem which was caused by the paper clip looking wire which holds the base of the cartridge in the shell plate. In my case there was too much tension on the case rim which was causing the case mouth to mis-align with the sizing die.
  3. Very cool find Warden. Sure wish I was back in the Missouri & Kansas country were you can find small out of the way gun shops!
  4. Hat sizing help. Need to know where to measure for the Doc Holiday Hat to determine correct size.
  5. Been my experience in south Florida the UPS hub does not want the package sealed as they like to check the packing. Other than that very easy to do.
  6. Sorry all it's 81 here and I got to go shooting!
  7. I picked up two 5 pound jugs at powder valley for 104.00 per jug.
  8. Boneyard Bill I got the shirts and they are great. Pleasure doing business with you. Ace

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