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  1. I need two matching, weak side ( left side ) holsters to be attached to my gun cart. Looking for very inexpensive. Please email me at rvb100@comcast.net with what you got and pictures thanks
  2. Haven’t tried it in mud, but in my gravel driveway it is fine. With this tropical storm Barry coming across the country just in time for Black Gold in Kentucky, I just might get to test it in mud!
  3. I recently sold a like new, unconverted, 3 screw with short barrel on Gun Broker. Lots of bidding and it went for $550 one if the few guns I’m sorry I sold!
  4. Yes, it folds and the wheels are easily removed to make it even more compact.
  5. Built me a new Gun Cart just in time for Black Gold..... Been wanting to upgrade for a few years....GetErDun! Read all about it with tons of pictures here: http://rvbprecision.com/shooting/three-wheeled-sass-cas-gun-cart.html
  6. I even built a new cart for Black Gold...looking forward to it. Be there in Tuesday....or maybe Monday.....
  7. Four posts above it clearly stated it wasn't a cowboy gun......
  8. It's a Reno Browne.....not Reno Brownie.....
  9. As you can see, this isn't a CAS gun. It's way more pressure than we play with. I have seen pictures of the same result in other firearms. Some were done intentionally, under controlled conditions, to just see what would happen. I remember reading about a test with a revolver and a 1911 stacking squibs. In both cases, with mild loads, the guns did not come apart. Slight bulge in the 1911 and no change in revolver. I believe the cylinder gap helped in the case of the revolver. These experiments were done many years ago by a few friends/gunsmiths. Interesting! But some revolvers, no matter how strong, can't handle a double load....(S&W 629 Mountain Gun)
  10. Where can I see this new lever lock?
  11. He's lucky he didn't get a MDS....Much Dead Shooter!
  12. When I say STOP, I'z means STOP!
  13. The Ruger revolver will not fire with simply removing transfer bar. The hammer face will not touch the firing pin. The hammer face needs to be welded and reshaped and a half cock notch created. If no half cock notch, the firing pin will not allow the cylinder to rotate to load.
  14. A transfer bar absorbs energy that could be used to set off the primer. With the transfer bar in place, the hammer spring can be made only so light or misfires are the result. Removing the transfer bar allows a much lighter hammer spring and therefore hammer pull.
  15. Two quick points. For folks that want further targets and more prohibitions on equipment there is always NCOWS As far as too many categories. I agree. St some matches some awards are more like a participation trophy since only three or four ( sometimes less ) folks are in a category. Another option might be Time Based categories....matters not how you shoot it, you would compete with other that shoot at your speed.....
  16. Brownells ultra Sonic fluid is the best. Once parts dry it leaves behind a perfect protective coat of oil. I've tried everything. Simply the best.
  17. Is there a theme to BG this year? Seems I'm having a tough time finding it other than crazy socks.
  18. Wrote an article for a magazine on what it takes to shoot a 32 Colt....."SO YOU WANT TO SHOOT THAT 32 COLT" Do a search for "32 Colt" on my web page to read it www.rvbprecision.com
  19. Here ya go https://promotions.vistaoutdoor.com/EN/US/Promo/16/121/EntryForm
  20. Link doesnt work....Where is this shoot located?
  21. Reason I'm looking for a second one is I bought the first one last weekend for $299! I just might convert the 45LC that I have to 38. Cylinders and barrels might be available at Numrich. Or I'll buy a blued 38 and swap the barrel and cylinders and then sell the 45LC with a blued frame.
  22. Well.... I have one in 38/357 and one in 45LC.... didn't make them fit long, but they made thrm
  23. Now my grand daughter want to start shooting SASS! Took her to one match and the "very nice people" got her into shooting and she's hooked I have a rifle and shotgun for her and one revolver.... but I need a second Ruger NM Vaquero, 4 5/8 barrel, case colored frame, 38/357 Anyone got one they want to part with? rvb100@comcast.net
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