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  1. I've taken these alloy frame, Turkish shotguns and loosened them up very nicely by coating the works with toothpaste, installing a set of snap-caps and sitting in front of the TV for a couple hours simply opening, closing, firing, repeat....a few hundred times.
  2. Great speaking with you today. Looking forward to shooting this rifle. Thanks!
  3. What Sedalia said.....the 38-55 specs ar3 all over the place. I’ve rebarreled a few and I own a custom reamer I had Dave Mason grind for me. I used a piece of the barrel cut off to make a check gauge. But it only works for my rebarreled rifles. It does not work for a number of original chambered rifles. fortunatly, the modern Winchester’s are chambered on the low side of the dimensions. Most barrels of modern 38-55 are .375. But many vintage guns can be as much as .382! if i had a piece of .375 barrel hanging around I’d chamber a piece for you to use as a gauge. But unfortunately, I don’t. might want to ask a gunsmith like Lee Shaver to make one up for you. You would need to send him one of your sized cases with a bullet but no powder and primer. good luck!
  4. Two Ponies, please email me if this rifle is still available. I'm very interested in it. rvb100@comcast.net Thanks
  5. I bought this SKB/Ithaca 100 a year or so ago as a backup to my SKB 200. It is like new. Doesn’t appear to be fired. Single trigger, 12GA......she shot Shirtail’s SKB at Comn at cha and wanted the same thing. The wood on this gun is amazing so I bought an unfinished stock that I will cut down and finish for her. Now that I’m back into upland bird hunting, I’m kicking myself for cutting the barrels......would love to have a nice 12GA SxS for pheasant. But fear not! This morning I’m looking on eBay and I found a set of brand new barrels, in the white, unchambered, factory fresh.....these can be fitted perfectly to the receiver. And only $125....Talk about LUCK! Now, for the few weeks of bird season, I’ll replace the butt stock, swap out the 20” barrels for the 28” and hunt dinner........ life is good!
  6. Reno got a new shotgun for Christmas. I have a few questions about Shirtails shotgun that she used at Comn At Cha. Merry Christmas!
  7. I hear you. I’m a Massachusetts State Police certified safety instructor and teach MA gun law in my trainings. A few weeks ago I went to the local PD to renew my LTC and in conversation the police officer told me it wasn’t mandatory to register firearms(long Guns) bought in another state once back here in MA. This is clearly stated that you must register them within 7 days in MA law. i can not tell you how many ties I’ve heard of police officers giving erroneous information about MA gun laws. but it is so confusing, I can’t really blame them.
  8. Interesting that if you live in the state of MA you need to register your firearms. But move to MA from another state and registration is optional.
  9. My parents did this to us. One year we switched the labels and they threw each other's gifts into the fire. .......I just made this up but it would be a great scene in a Christmas comedy movie.... Merry Christmas!
  10. I have one here in MA that is MA compliant. But I believe it is 12”. It is 45LC. Great shape email me if interested. rvb100@comcast.net can do FA10 in January
  11. Works great on concrete. Terrible otherwise. We have the big, roller version at our police range.
  12. Thanks T-Bone.....was at Comn at Cha and will be back again!
  13. Hi Doc, yes leaving early to take in more Quail hunting in New Mexico. Would leave day after Christmas if I could!
  14. Thanks Capt! I'll plan on being there and might bring a new shooter.....
  15. Thanks OK Dee. It was great shooting with you in Louisiana! Hope to meet up again somewhere....
  16. I leave Massachusetts the first week of January.....heading through TX and will be spending time in Deming NM until Winter Range. Looking for a couple places to shoot on the way through TX and while in NM. Texarkana through Dallas and on to ElPaso. Then Rt 10 to Deming area. Thanks
  17. Isn't this year 150 year anniversary?
  18. Need to know who replaced the gun. Federal or Ruger? How did the replacement happen so fast. Glad you are ok
  19. Hi Bill,. If I might offer a suggestion. I've volunteered three years in a row to help out with side matches at WR. In fact, I've never been to any match, anywhere, that I've not helped with a side matches. But in most cases, the time required is one hour. To drive a few thousand miles and then use 3 hours of the side matches day to help out is quite a commitment. For three years in a row I've not been able to participate in any other side matches at WR due to my commitment to volunteer. Hope you understand this is simply a suggestion . Thank you for all you do for the sport!
  20. No that,s funny. I know exactly what you mean...... BTW...Link is fixed
  21. Wanted......Uberti 1873, pistol grip, 38-40 please email rvb100@comcast.net thanks
  22. Hi Widder......the shot gun with the adjustable comb all the way down and the butt plate set neutral ( no adjustment) was shooting all the shot under point of aim. To use it in this condition I would need to cover the bird with the barrel to hit it. Not good. With the comb extended fully, 3/4” up, it was better, but still only 30/70. And it didn’t fit me well at all. I was looking for 70/30 and the only option was barrel bending or custom, off concentric choke tubes. Barrel bending was much less expensive and seemed like a fun thing to do. Shotguns are never aimed. They must fit perfectly and be pointed. If they fit right and the POI is correct, both eyes open, never looking at the bead, they will hit where you are looking. This is why there is such a thing as a Try Gun to facilitate setting up the shotgun to you. Then, stock bending, barrel bending, bead positioning, weight considerations, etc, etc, etc all come into play. All adds up to a proper hitting shotgun than can cost well into the $10,000 range.
  23. Got a shotgun that doesn't shoot where you aim? I had one and wanted to do something about it.... "Shotgun Barrel Bending to Change Point Of Impact" A full report is now posted on my web site: http://Www.rvbprecision.com Hope you enjoy it!
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