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  1. Thank you all for the years of friendship and family. 

    I might not shoot to much anymore. 

    But I'm going to stay a SASS Member and stay apart of the SASS Wire Family. 

    God bless you all. 

    With Love and Respect. 


    PS. For You too Phantom :D

  2. Im watching you .


    Lube your balls 


    Cap your nipples .


  3. GOD  So Loved The World ,

    He Gave His One And Only Son .

    Who Ever Believes In Him , Shal Not Parish But Have Eternal Life !

    John 3:16 

  4. Good morning Bart .

    Have a blessed day Brother.


    1. Dirty Bart No. 100006

      Dirty Bart No. 100006

      Rooster, I just saw this post. Thank you, just got home yesterday from Rockford 2 day shoot. My grandson shot with me. Had a great time but the heat and humidity got to me Sunday. Feel a lot better today.

  5. John 3:16 

    God so Loved the World 

    He gave his One and Only Son 

    That whoever Believes in Him shall Not Perish

    But have Eternal Life !


  6. Gosh I hate this new web sight .

    I dont know if this is a PM or Not.

    On the Colt 1860.

    The info you provided is very helpful.

    I am Not shure if its a C or a F .

    Dont really know how to tell.

    It dont have a Signature on the back strap .

    So I know its before that series.

    And serial numbers stop in 1873 at 20****

    My pistol is 21****  .

    So I think its a early 2nd gen ?

  7. Well, hello My American Friend.

    Its about time we Americans start to stand up for our rights as Americans !

    We need to git these ass holes out of office.

    And put in a Real American Like Ted Nugent !

  8. I just met Chili Wolf and he seems to shoot straight !(slow but straight) LOL !

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