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  1. >>Great Western II Californian deluxe model 357 mag 4 3/4 barrell

    Express an, will you take my offer? I need a mate for my other, so let me know so I can make a decision at this juncture. Thank you, "Chili" Wolf

  2. Boneyard Bill, thank you for accepting my personall check and the extra fast shipping of the Silver Matchbox (the packaging was extra ordinary, very good). The item is what you said it was, I am very pleased. _CH

  3. I usually just view the SASSnet classified when I can get online (away from work time) and respond, but more so my eMail at: Jones-USA@wesdawn.com is what I try to do every 12-30 hours if I am in town. Respectfully_"Chili" Wolf

  4. I just met Chili Wolf and he seems to shoot straight !(slow but straight) LOL !

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