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  1. Because I'm right. I know, not a meme, but worth it.
  2. The Muppet Movie. I wondered if anybody would get it. I know, I know.. not a meme.
  3. My buddy sent me this titled "I See You Got Your New Job".
  4. I was born in Ohio, and my ex-sister is still there! (I know, I know, NOT A MEME!)
  5. The best thing I could do to raise morale at MY work is for me not to be there! That would make EVERYBODY happy.
  6. Next thing you'll be saying that .45 Long Colt is incorrect.
  7. The original Vaquero was built on a .44 Magnum frame. The NMV is the same size as a Colt SAA.
  8. Not necessarily a sound bar, but a decent home theater system will let you adjust it to get the best you can from it.
  9. That's funny. But anybody that can't back up a trailer better than that shouldn't be pulling one.
  10. it's still a better Western than most of what Hollywierd has been putting out the last fifteen years or so. They've had a few good ones, "Open Range", "True Grit", and of course, more recently, "Magnificent Seven", but most of them have been crap.
  11. I get that all the time, about the gun holstered on my hip!
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