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  1. When Einstein was at Princeton, they used to have a "handler", for want of a better term, follow him around so that he didn't get lost. And he got lost a lot, especially when he was on his way home.
  2. Yeah. Once again, if it's stupid but it works, it's not stupid.
  3. The first time I heard this story, it was Nipsey Russell telling it. That was in about 1966. Still funny, though.
  4. Said plan usually involves rolling over onto arm and knees, then finding a chair to use as a ladder.
  5. Stand up... Sit down. Staaaand up, Sit Down! Staaaaaand up, come on, YOU CAN DO IT! Sit DOWN!
  6. Reminds me of the story of the woman who called the Highway Dept. wanting them to move the "Deer Crossing" signs. Her complaint was that too many deer were running across the road and getting by traffic there.
  7. In today's world he's probably holding his OWN purse, and counting on her to protect HIM.
  8. And if he tries to find out, she'll say, "You know what you did, and if you DON'T, I'm sure not going to tell you!"
  9. Not necessarily. The moon's, just like the sun's position in the sky varies with the earth's orbit. The shadows in summer are on the other side of the house in winter. Maybe just good timing on the photographer's part.
  10. The Original Rhinestone Cowboy. One of my favorites.
  11. It might be possible that the basketball hoop happens to be oriented so that it's facing North or South so that as the moon sets in the West, it would seem to pass through the hoop.
  12. Think about the first guy that said "Let's eat the thing that comes out of the chicken's butt."
  13. I think that the idea is that he's trying to take a picture while the phone is in calculator mode, not camera mode.
  14. Look at the Road signs. It's somewhere in Europe.
  15. "They don't work on these new fangled velocipedes".
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