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  1. There is no such thing as a "smokeless" class. There is an "any propellants" class (which includes black powder), and there is a protected class for black powder only. Check the rules for long range. As for speed and timing, remember that 10 slow hits wins over the fast 9 hits every time.
  2. If you want a target rifle then get a heavy rifle, helps with the recoil. The Browning BPCR model was made for the type of shooting you want to do. But, not just any Browning High Wall is a BPCR model. Only the ones with a cheek rest and half octagon barrel in calibers 40-65 and 45-70 are BPCR models. The BPCR came from the factory with a Badger Barrel, one of the best barrels ever made. The BPCR came with a nice soule sight, great for target work. For more info on the BPCR read this book: Browning Model 1885 Black Powder Cartridge Rifle, 3rd Edition. You will be better served by the 40-65 than the 38-55. I have rifles in both cartridges and the 40-65 is my go to rifle. Brass is easily made out of 45-70 brass. Oh, one more thing DO NOT buy a rifle with a curved butt plate.
  3. What rate of rifling twist did you order? The fastest the twist, the longer (ie: heavier) the bullet can be. Tell JES what you want to do and he can advise you.
  4. Tang sight will work, but only if the rifle has a tang to mount it on. If the gun has a tang and you go for the tang sight option, buy a tall s oule type sight with windage. If you still need more adjustment put a taller front sight on the rifle. A taller front sight will cause the rear sight to rise to keep the same point of impact on the target. You can also slow the bullet speed down, this will also require a higher rear sight setting. Hopefully the rear sight will rise up to match your eye level..
  5. Me too. For the price of one US dollar, I got 3 gallons of gas and 1 quart of oil (my call used that ratio of gas to oil) and I was set for crusing the Avenue all Saturday night. Of course, my job only paid dollar an hour.
  6. How and were would you like the money sent for the 40-70 dies?

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    2. Clyde Henry 7046

      Clyde Henry 7046

      Ya, my address would be important.  You can send it to:


      Don Steinmetz

      PO Box 8132

      Yakima, WA  98908



    3. Clyde Henry #7046

      Clyde Henry #7046

      Die came in the mail today.  They look GREAT!

    4. Wallaby Damned

      Wallaby Damned

      Thanks!  I don’t think I ever used them. 

  7. I'll take the RCBS 40-70 dies. PM Sent
  8. My son shoots BPCR Silhouette using Starline 40-65 brass. The cases are short, but I don't think it makes that much difference. He is currently a AAA class shooter and has only one more Master Class score to go before he will be re-classed to the Master category, and he only uses Starline 40-65 cases.
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