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  1. (1) 12 Gauge Shotgun Hulls... Most look to be Federal. $26.25 shipped. USPS MEDIUM FLAT RATE BOX APPROXIMATELY 225-230 HULL (3) Paper 12 Gauge Shotgun Shells. $36.25 Shipped. USPS MEDIUM FLAT RATE BOX APPROXIMATELY 225-230 HULL
  2. We have received a few entries already for the Showdown. Who else cars to take in the challenge? Get them entries in folks, don't wanna miss out!
  3. Awesome, thank you kindly! I will get a count tonight and adjust the price accordingly.
  4. Folks feel free to make an offer, I really don't know how to price them.
  5. Came into possession of several shotgun hulls, wads.. ect... Will be posting items for sale as I go through them. Not sure what to ask, but will post a price. Feel free to make me an "honest cowboy" offer that is good for you and me and I am sure we can make deal. Actual Shipping will be added to the price. Grocery bag of 20gauge Hulls (300 Hulls) $10+ actual shipping **SOLD**
  6. I have came into possession of several hundred Federal 12 GAUGE Paper Hulls. I am partial to the all brass hulls myself. Wanting to post them for sale... But not even sure if anyone would be interested in them for reloading. What say you folks?
  7. Congratulations, I hope to shoot with both you folks down the trail someday!
  8. Remember folks, Currently there will be a buckle for top Classic Cowboy and Top Senior (60 and up) Classic Cowboy. Also will be some custom conchos as well! If anybody wants to help by donating for an award, just let me know! Thank you Everyone! Looking forward to seeing everyone!
  9. I would take these if available yet, I have been looking for a set.
  10. Yep! They let me know a classic was the first entry to come in! Be good to see ya!
  11. I will do that, and consider them yours. Usually I ship these Media Rate... I think $15 will be in the right ballpark.
  12. I have for sale several Gun Digest Books for sale. Alot of great knowledge in these books. In good shape for their age. 51' Paperback 55' Hardback 56' Hardback 57' Hardback 70' Paperback 72' Paperback Gun Digest Treasury Book Hardback Gun Guide Paperback $65 For All + Actual Shipping
  13. I have five Foxfire paperback Books for sale. Fantastic books that cover about anything you could think of, for some old school knowledge! Asking $20 + actual shipping cost.
  14. Before this current price jump a decent price on 5# was about $125, well for me anyway. Currently I would say $150 - $175 would be fair
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