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  1. 32 Caliber Ammo slide in good condition. $25 Shipped OBO
  2. Yep, that happen alot too. Only a few club members responded back when reached out to.
  3. I must have missed that one... Usually I nab all his
  4. Glad your happy with them, I hope the grandkids enjoy them.
  5. Looking to sale a Colt 62122 marked Bipod used on the M16. Bipod and case are in good shape. Going to wipe down the Bipod with some WD-40 and clean off the tape residue from legs this evening... But should clean up very nice. $100 Shipped Any questions just ask, or any info about this item... Would like to hear it. The Colt 62122 marked bipod that was held together with a pin that had a head on one end, and a "C" clip on the other end. Both legs have the same markings, one leg on top, and the other leg on the back side. The correct case for this bipod is the third model open top case, with a long cleaning rod pouch on the front of the case. The correct cleaning rod set for this pouch was the M11 or M11E1 cleaning rod. M11E2 cleaning rods, when found in their original packaging, are usually dated 1967. So, that would indicate that this third style of bipod and case were probably produced from about 1963-1966.
  6. Welcome from Kansas! If your ever out this way come see us at Butterfield Gulch Gang. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100088451083817&mibextid=ZbWKwL
  7. Once at a match in Nebraska, myself and two other shooters shot JW using four pistols and a shotgun. Well it wasn't exactly JW... It was more FCJWCCGF. Frontier Cartridge Josey Wales Classic Cowboy Gunfighter. We shot Gunfighter with full Black powder loads dressed in Classic Cowboy gear with appropriate guns at all pistol and Rifle targets! .... And it was ugly! Lord was it bad... But it was a hoot, not sure I have ever missed that many targets before Good times!
  8. Oh your bolt was just totally messed up! I figure I will take it to the range this weekend. I tell you what it has a truck spring for the hammer!
  9. Larsen, I ended up picking up that Navy Arms Iron frame you mentioned they had in Cabela's in AZ. Beautiful rifle, but guess what version it is? Yep, the older version... Oh well I took a chance, I will tune it up and run till she breaks. If you have any tips of other differences in these particular models. Give me a shout would you?
  10. Ya never know... The trip is still undecided yet. But free bump for another Classic Shooter event!!
  11. Buckle Artwork is back from Molly's! These are going to look great! Look forward to seeing all you Classics in June! Get signed up if you haven't done it yet! The Battle At Adobe Walls June 22nd - 24th, 2023 The Wolfpack Ranch Home of the High Plains Highwaymen Cowboy Action Shooting club located in Pampa, TX https://www.highplainshighwaymen.com/home Entry https://www.highplainshighwaymen.com/battle-at-adobe-walls
  12. Your welcome They are neat little books. Weekend Bump
  13. I was wondering how it was done on the originals... Thank you
  14. Bringing mine for sure! What classic Sub Category you shooting pard? Black Powder?
  15. Howdy all you Classics! Well I have had a tremendous amount of support this year for award at The 2023 Classic Cowboy Showdown! I want to thank everyone of you that have graciously helped out with this, you all are the best and are the reason I love this category! Thanks to the efforts of fellow classics we now have awards for the following: Classic Cowboy (Buckle) (4)Classic Cowboy "Top 5" (Conchos) Senior Classic Cowboy (Buckle) Black Powder Classic Cowboy (Buckle) Ol Skool Classic Cowboy (Buckle) Classic Cowgirl (Buckle) Remember these awards and categories are sponsored by fellow Classics for the Showdown, they may differ from what the host club has offered. Just sign up as classic on entry forum... But contact me with any specific Classic Category you are shooting for. SENIOR... OL SKOOL...BLACK POWDER...ect. I will keep a list of who is shooting what for the Showdown, so make sure to contact me. Thanks all and look forward to seeing you all in June!
  16. Feel free to make an offer if anyone is interested. M.A.T.
  17. Pfft... Maggie marker..... It has to look perddy! You seen my writ'n?
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