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  1. I was waiting for this post! Heck I even bought a pound, on your heavy recommendation of it.
  2. https://bitterrootsaddleco.com/jeremiah-watt-spurs-jwp/
  3. You and the others have done a fine job with the Magnificent 7, you will missed. I am honored to be part of the "Return of the Magnificent 7". I hope I can do my part in carrying on this great tradition you an the other have carried forward through the past years. I hope "we" as the current Magnificent 7 can make you all proud. Take care Dragon Hill Dave see you down the Trail Sometime
  4. Got alot of Shotgun wads that I don't need in an estate purchase. 20 Gauge Wads (4 bags total) $20 + actual shipping 12 gauge Wads $30+ actual shipping (4 bags & box half full)
  5. Hey y'all... Get them entries in, looking forward to seeing you.
  6. Do it!! Then come on to the Classic Cowboy Showdown! The CZ are fantastic shotguns, I have two the 20 inch and the 30" that I use to shoot Classic with.
  7. 1,000+ Nickel plated 357 Mag Brass mixed head stamps. (38 look new with primers) also tossing in a handful of brass cases as well. Polished and ready to ship. $75 shipped via flat rate to your door for all
  8. Fantastic shoot folks, great people and incredible range.
  9. I did run this brass through a tumbler and pulled out any splits I saw.
  10. 1,000+ (approximately 1,100ish) pieces mixed headstamp 38 Special range brass. Only a handful of nickel in the mix. $75 + Shipping
  11. (2) Winchester AA 12 Gauge Hulls Large Flat Rate USPS box - 400+ Hulls. Boxed and ready to ship. $48.75
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