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  1. Well said, and there are no promises that any of us will be here tomorrow. Life is so fragile, let your loved ones know how you feel each and every day!
  2. Noah Cash

    sharps rifle

    Just looked at this thread last night and thought I'd check my wife's rifle, an Armi Sport imported by Taylor's in 38-55. It too has the 1 in 18 twist, and my bullets as cast weigh in at 244 to 246 Grs. I hope to be able to get the gun ready for her to shoot in the near future. She will start with a mild load of Smokeless and move on to the black when she is comfortable with the gun. The info concerning the twist rates vs. bullet weight should be a real help.
  3. Hilda Billie just had a hankering for a '66 for quite a while and today she finally found one (Uberty) that she couldn't put down. Only problem is that the factory butt stock is a tad or two to long. Has any one got an unused Uberty '66 butt stock laying around that I can cut off to fit her?? Appreciate any help on this.
  4. We both have Shiloh Sharps 45/70's with MVA long range Soule sights, The 38-55 is hers, for out to around the 300 Yd mark, and the 45/70's for the longer range stuff. I think I will get the mid range MVA Staff for the 38-55. The Sight that came on the rifle would not stay on a piece of paper at 25 yards.
  5. I am in the same process, 2 MVA Long Range Buff Soules on 45-70's going to get another MVA but this is going on a 38-55. Would the long range be "overkill" for a 38-55? How far out can I expect the 38-55 to reach ? The 45-70's deserve and have the long range, but I am thinking hard for the mid range. Any input or thoughts would be appreciated N.C.
  6. All this stuff has changed many times since I moved out of N.Y. but I sure don't have any reason to go back to live. Utah is not my/our first choice for other reasons, however based on gun regulations, it is one of the top choices in the nation. New York would toss away the key to my cell if I /We ever went back there to take up residence!
  7. Its an answer to a question that no one has asked!
  8. I have a pair of 50th anniv Ruger Blackhawks fer sale, SS Bisley's. Couple of slight mods to them. 1-Orig grips smoothed and flattened on the sides for smaller grip profile 2-rear sight rounded on outer corners and sight blade notch has been widened and spring removed to lower rear sight.3-Front sight filed down to bring POI in line with POA with rear sight pics avail if intersted.800+FFL...

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