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  1. I see you are one of the Colorado cowboys. By any chance are you going to be at Montrose this weekend?
  2. My wife Hilda Billie has finally started shooting her Uberti "66 long Rifle. The butt stock is to long to fit her and we would like to replace it with a used stock rather than cut down the brand new stock. Anyone have a spare or an old one that they want to let go of? It has the straight grip not curved pistol grip. Thanks Noah Cash
  3. All this stuff has changed many times since I moved out of N.Y. but I sure don't have any reason to go back to live. Utah is not my/our first choice for other reasons, however based on gun regulations, it is one of the top choices in the nation. New York would toss away the key to my cell if I /We ever went back there to take up residence!
  4. Its an answer to a question that no one has asked!
  5. I have a pair of 50th anniv Ruger Blackhawks fer sale, SS Bisley's. Couple of slight mods to them. 1-Orig grips smoothed and flattened on the sides for smaller grip profile 2-rear sight rounded on outer corners and sight blade notch has been widened and spring removed to lower rear sight.3-Front sight filed down to bring POI in line with POA with rear sight pics avail if intersted.800+FFL...

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