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  1. I have never shot a model 41. I wanted to buy one when S&W brought them out again a few years ago. The gun dealers were a little too proud of them. After my experience with their 22S I was a bit leery. Once bitten twice shy.
  2. It seems that this subject was brought up on The Wire last year. https://forums.sassnet.com/index.php?/topic/356157-dead-eye-a-new-cowboy-action-sport/ https://www.recoilweb.com/inrangetv-cqb-handgun-brutality-dead-eye-introduction-184219.html “The caliber is simply limited to anything less than .45 Long Colt and does not need to be authentic to the period. “ This nixes it for me. If .45 Colt isn’t allowed, well…screw that noise.
  3. That’s pretty darn cool! Have you shot it yet?
  4. Good! More Cashiers. I just had a thought. Could this theft be done by the employees fearing the loss of their jobs? Bravo! If that’s the case. I hate self checkout. I don’t get a discount for doing it. Why the hell should I do a store’s job for them. Screw that noise.
  5. Your attachment is a No-Go
  6. Here’s what you get if you use the serial number as written on that document to do a search on the Ruger website: Here’s what you get when you write the serial number correctly: Your Honor, this document is incorrect and I move that it be stricken from this case and that my client go free on his/her own recognizance!
  7. Jees…Why can’t they just say “The USA wants RUGER VAQUERO REVOLVER SN:5783260! Now give it up.” Do court staff and attorneys get paid by the character or the word?
  8. I highly doubt any crime has ever been committed with a Swiss Army Knife. Victorinox’s idea would be like Alfa starter pistols taking the barrels off their pistols to stop crime. Freakin’ Morons. I bet that dipsh…tick Carl Eisner has never even touched a Victorinox knife. Flippin’ Euro-Pansy!
  9. Who said nuns aren’t sexy?
  10. There is no freakin’ way. I don’t care how much money they pay. How ‘bout you?
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