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  1. Well folks, it's been a few weeks since I had my eyes done. there was one week between the left one and the right one. I have a friend in CT whose Dr didn't schedule his second till over a month later! I had three kinds of eye drops, a few times a day, some folks apparently have "no drops." I see there is some concern about being awake - yup, I was worried about that also. I wasn't knocked out but I sure don't remember squat. no muss, no fuss. There was a bit of discomfort caused by dryness. felt like I had a cinder in each eye, fake tears fixed that. I was very sensitive to light, luckily my daughter had a really nice pair of sun glasses she "donated"! At night, my one eye had a star burst effect when I looked at a street ight or other intense light. Did not like that, but that too quickly went away. Last week I walked my daughter down the isle without glasses. Only down side is having to use "readers." You can buy 4 and 6 packs of them pretty cheap. That way you can have a pair in the crapper, one in the bed room, one at the computer, one in your truck, one on your work bench. I bought a pair of the Foster Grant "progressive readers" which I keep on the table in the living room. That way I can read and watch TV. Pards - ain't modern medicine wonderful? Havn't shot yet but sure am looking forward to it, it's been way too long.
  2. Follow up - I had my left eye done last Wednesday, along with "limbal relaxing incision." This limbal thing is to help correct the shape of the eyeball and is an optional thing. Having a lot of trust in my eye-guy I went for it. The day after the procedure my eye ops checked 20/20. The first problem that you will encounter is having one corrected eye and one uncorrected eye- my solution was simple thanks to my pack-ratting wife of 47 years who kept the clear lens when I bought a pair of ole timey round wire frames for CAS and had prescriptions lens put in, oh so long ago. I didn't have a lot of apprehension till I slid onto the butcher block. While the happy juice they give you won't give you any rush I don't recall crap or any discomfort, just a bright light. 10 or 15 minutes later it was all over. You'll get a set of wrap around sun glasses and you'll need them, dang the world is bright! I get my right eye done Thursday morning. The only thing that is inconvenient is putting those drops in 4 times a day.
  3. Muleshoe Bill, ahhh Medicare, we're from the govmint and we here ta help ya. yeah, it's like buying a pickup, at one time you could buy a plain Jane/John vanilla truck for cheap and now you can spend $80,000 on one! The question ya have to ask is what does your supplemental insurance, if you have any, cover. Also, if you have those football shaped eyes rather round eyes. the surgical cost is not something that is covered. In my case I was told it's $250 an eye. I have my appointment to get measured in a couple of weeks and I'll be able to be more conversant then.
  4. Thank you all for the insight (yeah, I know, bad pun). I didn't realize the other options but now when I have a sit down I can at least have a partially intelligent conversation with the Dr. Thank ya'll again.
  5. Eye Dr now tells me it is in my court as to when to get cataract surgery. Tells me that what he will do is put a lens in one eye that will give me normal distance vision and the other eye will get a slightly different lens to provide clarity at closer distances (Not reading close). Tells me that the brain will decide which eye is dominate depending on what I'm looking at and that I'll never know. Sounds like a great option to me but I have a questions for those who have had this option. I am right eye dominate. Should I get "normal" distance vision in that eye OR would the "slightly closer" option be the way to go for front sight acquisition?
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