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  1. Take I'll give them a try. Do you take paypal?
  2. Not my guns thankfully. Just seen this posted on a local Louisiana group and wanted to share here since lots of cowboy guns are bought and sold through here.
  3. Be on the look out for these stolen cowboy guns. If this type of post is not allowed here please feel free to delete or place where is allowed. Seen this posted locally in Louisiana and thought I would share here just in case some of these cowboy guns make their way here. See photo for guns and serial numbers
  4. Guess I am just lucky. I have been using an old Frankford Arsenal blue bullet puller for over 10 years. It don't see a ton of action but I have never had a problem with it. I was hitting it on wood for a while but it was denting up my workbench and was taking way too many hits so I started hitting it on the anvil of my bench vise. That only takes a couple medium hits and its out. I don't hold it too tight. I let it rebound and the bullet is out usually within 3 hits.
  5. Bump for a great rifle. I carry a Winchester 94 AE Ranger 30-30 every year hunting and have taken many deer and hogs with it. Its my go to hunting rifle.
  6. Can't get by doing John Wayne quotes without "Fill yer hands.....you son of a b!#%*" I somehow even managed to talk the wife into watching El Dorado last night. She is not a fan of old westerns.
  7. There is one on Gunbroker right now for 1495.00 if you don't find one here.
  8. I have a set of softer holsters that I got from Cabelas when I first got a pair of 51s. They will prob. work since they have room and are soft. I was just wondering because I have a pair of hard molded leather custom holsters that I was curious if they would fit. Looks like they wont fit.
  9. Thanks for the replies. Was just curious. Going to my local gun shop tomorrow to order one for now. Was just wondering if my holsters would possibly fit.
  10. Quick question about the 1851 Conversions for those who’ve had them or have them. Will they fit in a holster that was fitted to a 1851 Cap and ball gun or does the ejector cause it to not fit?
  11. I used one of these barrels in 38-55 and they work and shoot nice but be aware that they do not taper at all and it does cause some minor fitment issues when using original parts.
  12. I know it’s kind of a long shot but I am looking for a firing pin that goes in a Hopkins & Allen triple action Safety Police .32 six shot revolver. This was my grandmothers gun and the firing pin fell out years ago. I’d very much love to get this back up and running. If you have one of these old revolvers laying around in rough shape or "parts" condition I could sure use the firing pin. Numrich is out of stock and I haven’t been able to locate one anywhere. I’m including a photo of the gun and photo from Numrich that shows the firing pin. thanks for your time.
  13. I have looked at those several times. I am just not sure I want to set up for a complete new cartridge.
  14. I did not know you could get the RM Conversions in the larger calibers. .45 Colt is what I normally shoot but thought they only came in .38 since that is all Cimarron shows on their site. Hmmmmm
  15. Was looking for 1851s with the loading gate. I have only seen those in .38. I may consider a similar pair of conversions though.
  16. I have recently been thinking about picking up a pair of 1851 Richard Mason Conversion pistols. Anyone have a pair they would let go?
  17. What do you mean "minimal amount of cleaning"? Is that due to the shape of the cartridge or do you just mean you can't get to the internals like on a 73? Or another reason
  18. 72 Open tops are def. on my list. Thanks.
  19. Thanks for the run down and photos. Always better to see different ones as I am reading.
  20. I don't have big hands. I like the fit of the 51 and the 73. I have never tried the 1860 though. I think I like the 1851 Richards Mason conversion like in the remake of 3:10 to Yuma. Those have the loading gate on them which would be nice. Does anyone make a current 1861 Conversion? I don't see it on Taylor's or Cimarron's site unless I am overlooking it. Or would that just be a conversion cylinder?
  21. Like the title says, I am wanting to get a pair of Conversion revolvers because I love the look of the cap and ball pistols and even have a couple that I enjoy shooting. I am kicking around the idea of either the 1851 or 1860 conversions and would love to hear the pros and cons of them. If you have them or had them what did you like about them? What did you not like? These will have to be ordered in my area and I have not been able to get out to a match in a while so I am not able to try them out first. I know that is the best way but I just want input and I will decide from there. I have a pair of 1851 Navies that I like. I have never shot the 1860 or even the 61. Thanks in advance as I am sure this has been asked before but I could not located it in the search.
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