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  1. https://www.buffaloarms.com/reloading-supplies-accessories/reloading-dies/shotgun-reloading-dies
  2. does anyone knows where i can get this sight?
  3. replace the springs and put the lifter 24 hours in a tumbler with walnut granulate, after this polish the lifter with this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Buffing-Polishing-Compound-Rouge-for-Metal-Jewelry-Stainless-Steel-Aluminum/302389587316?hash=item4667d2ed74:g:UWAAAOSwoQddk5jj and this https://www.ebay.com/itm/3M-45137-Polishing-Wheel-Rubber-1-in-dia/282590174509?hash=item41cbafdd2d:g:OdwAAOSwHNxaFYlC
  4. in July 19 i asked for help for a sight for my 66 it was very difficult to get one, 1 i get at Track of the wolf and the other i've got luckily here in Germany so it looks now Henry Win 66
  5. Hi Cemetery, everything is fine and i'm ok. Hopefully i can come next year to NJ. here are some pictures of my Henry it is a Uberti replica
  6. @Creeker, SASS #43022 Dear sir, that is your opinion and I accept it. But you also have to accept it when others have a different opinion. I am not interested in whether I am 10 seconds slower or faster with this Rifle. CAS is for nothing where I really want to win! I shoot CAS because I want to have fun and meet nice people. I have enough stress and tension during the day at work that I don't want in my free time ...... that's the point, at least for me with that in mind, all the best to you and EOD
  7. a typical microsoft answer: correct but bypassing the actual problem and in no way helpful ........
  8. TX, that is the solution!!!!!!!!
  9. the length is not the problem, how thick it mus be? my piece of a round stick goes into the lifter........
  10. does somebody shoot a Henry in .44-40 and solved the Henry Gap with a spacer? what dimensions must the spacer have? TX
  11. SASS Alias: Mountain George SASS #: 82008 Where you are from: Germany How long you’ve been Cowboy Action Shooting: since 2007 SASS NJ State Championship 2019
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