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  1. This game and the rules have evolved immensely in the last 30 years. It’s even way different and better than when I started 10 years ago. If it wasn’t for people questioning the status quo, our game would have died a long time ago. It’s just a discussion and a GAME. The fate of western civilization isn’ hanging in the balance. Carry on.
  2. Sounds like my parents. "Because I said so, that's why." Never answered my question then, nor now, but that's the way it is. BTW, I don't try to have fun, I am having fun.
  3. Then in what period does Frontiersman fall? Is that not the old west? In that category, one can shoot any SASS legal long gun except a '97. The conundrum for me is the firearm restrictions, particularly for long guns that seem arbitrary and contradictory. I've shot a lot of Frontiersman over the years and have recently been shooting CC. It's the contrast of long gun requirements between the two that got me scratching my head. Just thought this would be an interesting topic for discussion. So far it has been. I appreciate the replies.
  4. Thanks Phantom, I respect your opinion. This is the kind of dialogue I'm looking for. What say the rest of you?
  5. Ok so totally/entirely might not be the correct term. But without getting lawyer-esque, it is integral to our game. As has been said repeatedly on this forum, we aren't re-enactors. The question still remains. Why is this gun excluded and what would it take to make an accommodation for a classic and iconic western firearm?
  6. Our game is based entirely on Hollywood westerns. The Win '92 is by far the most prolific lever action rifle ever used in Hollywood. John Wayne's "Stagecoach" and "The Searchers" are testament to that fact. After 10 years of CAS, I still don't understand why this magnificent rifle is excluded from Classic Cowboy. I've no problem with the caliber requirements, but this seems senseless. What would it take for the ROC to make this rifle acceptable within current caliber requirements for CC?
  7. I don't think breaking in jump boots at our advanced age is going to help your feet. Mine are broken in and comfy after years of wear, but I'm not anxious to put them on again soon. Them things are hot in summer weather!
  8. Turn them over and look under the base, as that's likely the original finish. I don't think they were shiny when new. Leave 'em alone.
  9. ...and airplanes too. My dad and his Navy squadron were involved in that back in the '50s.
  10. Lee dies are fine and will be labeled .38 S&W New Police. Same cartridge. NO SMOKELESS powder for the vintage you are describing. Metallurgy of the era you describe wasn't up to smokeless pressures. Fill the case with BP or sub so it contacts the base of the bullet. The above assumes the gun is in good shape to begin with. Many of these old pocket pistols have been beaten to death with it and should relegated to wall hangers (I have one). Get it checked out beforehand. Good luck!
  11. We have the DVD set and have watched the special features videos that include the "making of" and Ron Livingston's account. Well worth watching.
  12. Russkies loved the P-39 and downed many Luftwaffe planes in air-to-air combat. Chuck Yeager commented on that in his autobiography when recounting a banquet with Russian pilots after the war. Most of the combat was at low altitude where the P-39 could hold its own in the hands of a good pilot.
  13. I bought a Rugged Gear 3-gun cart 10 years ago and it's held up without a problem. I avoided the 4-gun cart not only because it was much more expensive, but I also noticed back then that front wheel failures were a problem. I think it interesting that it's taken 10 years for them to put the same wheels on the that cart that I've had since '09. Thanks to Joe and Martha Briscoe of Cowboy Shooters Supply, I converted mine to a 4-gun rig. While not quite as spacious, it hauls all that I need.
  14. We have Prime and all that $3 buys is a 2-minute trailer. Pretty sneaky to the way they set it up, just like a shell game on a street corner. We were had. To watch the show, you have to sign up with HBO. We opted for the 7-day free trial and will cancel within the week. Ah, the games we are forced to play...
  15. The detritus that remains from that mission was considered expendable at the time, and like empty C-ration containers, it still is. I think the senators should be focusing time and resources on more pressing matters. JMO.
  16. Back in the 50s, my dad occasionally flew the Navy variant called the R4D. Said it was a sweet airplane.
  17. I've always thought the cinematography in this scene of the C-47s taking off in "Band of Brothers" is spectacular. Scroll to about the 1:00 min mark.
  18. Movie was made in 1995, so maybe that car didn't have one? Probably more dramatic with the dead guy's head hitting the steering wheel instead of a pillow. Another question: I know nothing of black rifles with flash suppressors/compensators et al. Seems that in the movies they always make a large star-shaped flash at the muzzle. Hollywood hokum, or is there some truth to it?
  19. The movie. Watching now. Doesn't matter there's nothing realistic about it, it's a damn fun film IMHO. One of my guilty pleasures. Gotta love Barry Corbin and Dabney Coleman as adversaries and WOPR computer.
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