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  1. I remove the crimp starter on my Mec press and mount the QuickLoader at that station. I load a bunch of shells, then use the QL for the final step. Crimp starter goes back on when finished. Takes two minutes to make the swap each time.
  2. The shorter shells are also a bit easier to load and shuck in an ‘87 lever gun.
  3. I still have the LP, but the paper is long gone…
  4. The Covid economy is no doubt a contributing factor. The other is that takes some effort to get there.
  5. Depends. If it becomes stuck in the poor soul’s hind quarters, it’s an asteroid.
  6. I are a graphic designer and think package design smells like 1950’s
  7. F7F is very sexy. Too bad they were late for WWII combat.
  8. What’s the advantage of a beam scale over digital?
  9. I started shaving with a safety razor. In college, the book store sold a “Buck Box” which was a box of toiletry samples (deodorant, shaving cream, aspirin etc.) that sold for a dollar and included the latest and greatest Gillette razor. Those changed a lot in 4 years so I got to test drive them all. Techmatic, some kind of loop/band blade et al. I’m happy with a Mach 3. The 5-blade contraptions are just too expensive. Anyways, I’ve never had an urge to try a straight blade. They developed the safety razor for a reason and its name is appropriate. To me, shaving is a chore, not an adventure.
  10. In this region, we like Verizon. Coverage is better in rural areas than some other carriers. It’s rare when I’m in place that doesn’t have coverage. we dropped our land line years ago and haven’t missed it. Our internet service is Google without any TV connection.
  11. There's a big net that catches 'em...
  12. I dress up in cowboy duds and play with guns. I’m still 8 years old.
  13. He was big charitable supporter in our community. RIP sir.
  14. Looks like something Wily Coyote would build.
  15. Thanks Lumpy, I had a terminology lapse!
  16. Correct. They’ve been adamant about that cuz the micro groove factory barrels don’t do well with lead. At least that was the case thru Gen 4. I don’t know if that’s true with Gen 5 models.
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