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  1. The way kid is posed, it appears he’s dropping his first UA too.
  2. I’m betting the handling on that “Fokker” is downright spooky at anything above parking lot speed. Can you imagine the aerodynamics with any kind of breeze? Hopefully those are detached before riding on the steet.
  3. I don’t get it. What am I missing? Wrong thread?
  4. Yup. It’s one of those situations where gender reassignment is actually appropriate. He was a genetic fluke and had the surgery when he was 18. Sometimes it is biology. But that’s different from many today who are experimenting with something trendy to satisfy their cultural neuroses.
  5. I was at the Grand Canyon a few years ago and meandered through the gift shop on the South Rim which contains Native American items supposedly made by Native Americans. If you looked closely enough, much of it was made in China.
  6. Never knew anyone, male or otherwise, who had a “prostrate” to check. The meme is amusing, but also an indictment of our school system.
  7. Didn’t happen when I saw a friend of mine do it!
  8. Can’t unsee that one of Ellen and relative!
  9. Where I live (central US), the moon is larger (where the atmosphere magnifies it) when it’s rising in the dark and smaller as it reaches its peak. As it retreats westward and descending, it’s already daylight. Might look different wherever you are.
  10. That would take a monumental degree of precision with specialized equipment and a basketball goal in a very exact spot on the planet.
  11. Then the goal is in a different spot in each shot. Dilutes the joke. JMO
  12. More Photoshop. The moon travels thru the sky on an arc, not straight up and down. Since the camera is stationary, the moon would appear to the side of the goal. There are other clues too, but that’s the biggie.
  13. Maybe. But that snout looks more alligatory in the third image. Image below shows gator on the left and croc on the right.
  14. From Wikipedia: Alligators are native to only the United States and China. I wonder where that ‘gator came from? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alligator#:~:text=Alligators first appeared during the Oligocene epoch about 37 million years ago.
  15. I still see people alone in their cars wearing masks.
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