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  1. Now you have to take into account that this is a Hyundai I load...so the AMMO45 fits right in ...
  2. Geat vid Popcorn , always enjoy watching your content..I see that rascal 'Rootin Tootin was there , say hi for me & that Count Sandor fella I'm sure I've run into sometime years back..maybe the Powder Creek Cowboys. Your range always looks inviting, have fun..cheers 'Mohawk
  3. Ah what a great powder 452AA is...I still have some & use mainly in my Trap loads but it is great in the pistol..funnily enough I always used flake powder & yes ball powder can drop a 'little' bit more on the loading table but performance is worth it..I actually came across a big unopened tin of 442AA ...contacted Winchester & the guy said no such powder & must have been an Australian brew..we did have a Winchester facility turning out all sorts of products but sadly is no more. Nobel 78 & 80 were also a great powder .
  4. Yep what Major Crimes said...ain't never heard the word Croc used as a term for Aussies.
  5. I've always used Schofield .45's in my OMV's..yes no real advantage, I just like em [ 160 g bullets ]...using the Schofields occassionally in the 73 I use 250g to cycle & feed properly [ normally Colt brass also wth the 160g ] can't comment re the Marlin.
  6. I'm just jealous of the whole lot of ya'..bout the only thing we can open carry down-under is a comb in yer back pocket !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. If your a fair dinkum shooter you don't sell your components at largely over inflated prices..you hang onto to them & use over the course of time. I wonder sometimes how many scams there are [ I'm referring to down -under ] with the prices advertised, I mean someone put's the add up & then sells quickly at a stupid high price, was it really sold to give the impression to others that ' hey I guess that's what we gotta pay nowadays. Personally I have 'ample' reloading supplies & I ain't sellin !!! Times are crap at the moment ......
  8. Cowboy is my go to but I also like Trap, tower & skeet...if not shooting it's twisting the throttle on my Harleys !
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