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  1. Yes...but the strap is doing nothing but holding the upper wood packing on. The RTU is strapped to itself, not the trailer. That is indeed the reason for the twist in the strap. My best friend used to be a long distance trucker who ran flat beds on occasion. Said the flapping sound and whining noise would get REAL annoying after a while.
  2. Aluminum boat, probably leaky as all old aluminum boats are, 120v cords draped to at least one plug strip and room fans making the boat top heavy...what could possibly go wrong?
  3. I immediately thought of Betty White when I saw this cartoon.
  4. I want to see it when it runs out of extension cord at full speed.
  5. Cops in Canada like donuts too...eh.
  6. Noise, odors and outdoor sex? As long as it doesn't involve animals or farms...sounds like a good time.
  7. That video store is probably a Blockbuster but I don't remember the balloons on the floor. What were those for? I'd probably want to pop them back then...not so much these days.
  8. If it was on the 1st floor, I would have said concrete blocks but I too lazy to haul them that far in a condo/apartment complex. When I first moved out on my own, I had a bed but no bed frame. I used concrete blocks. You DON"T want to stub your toes on one of those in the middle of the night...trust me on that one!
  9. How crude. The TV is too low, that's what they make milk crates for.
  10. He dropped his left, the roo is going to drop a spinning savate kick on his left cheek.
  11. Yep, it's the Chuck Norris of toilet paper...rough, tough and doesn't take s**t off anyone.
  12. Ours had a longer cord...it could stretch all the way across the kitchen.
  13. Does it cost an arm and a leg to get in?
  14. Is the dog named Lucy? What does Snoopy think about this?
  15. We never had simulators at Clearwater High School during the mid seventies. Charlie Harris Pontiac loaned brand new cars for us to use in the large parking lot and one off actual street driving. They were actually really nice cars like Grand Ams and the like. The rest of the time it was book learning and gory films like Death on the Highway and Highway at Night. Guarantee they don't show those films these days.
  16. She cut two people off, just on her way to work this morning.
  17. Mr. Ed trying to sneak in after a night out with the guys? Mrs. Ed doesn't look too happy.
  18. Meanwhile, Shatner is freaking out!
  19. At least he has hearing protection on...the back of his hard hat. And eye protection...ain't that what eye lids is for?
  20. Is that downstream from Schitts Creek?
  21. I'd say that's probably a ballyhoo that one of the women threw him...either that or he likes smoked fish.
  22. I do have to admit that I have temporarily used a 500 MCM solderless lug on the negative post on a remote jobsite so I could get back to the shop. Van wouldn't start at the end of the day and the job was about 30 miles away from the shop. The old cable connector was so corroded that it just split off when I went to see how loose it was. I was a little more than irritated with the guy that normally drove that van, I only had it because my van was getting brakes done on it. This was before cell phones and although there was a 2/way radio in the van... it was Friday, the end of the day, July in Florida and I wasn't in the mood to put up with anymore crap that day. Worked fine until it was repaired the next week.
  23. Naw, it's still going to slide forward. Dumbass rookie...even I know that you gotta have two sets of zip ties on either side of the crescent.
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