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  1. Coincidentally, this was in one of the online news sites that I look at in the morning. The last prison ship in the US is being shut down. Last operating US prison ship, a grim vestige of mass incarceration, set to close in NYC (baynews9.com)
  2. Billy Gibbons and his wife? Just kiddin.
  3. Gotta get it back to base somehow...Duh...
  4. Looks more like the entire left side of the defensive line.
  5. Only one seat belt is needed as they won't sit next to anyone either, which is kind of a good thing.
  6. They already sent me an Email...said You're Fired.
  7. Never take Arnold with you for breakfast..unless you take Arnold out for breakfast.
  8. Probably going to be working for a rubber paycheck though.
  9. Yeah, not only are you NOT going to get breakfast...you're NOT going to be getting anything else for a while either.
  10. Or a hurricane prone area...or a flood prone area...or an area with high winds. Other than the two obvious horizonal braces, I'm guessing there is one on the other side, there seems to be no other support. Looks like it would never stand up to much horizonal wind or flood stress...go over like dominoes.
  11. Actually, that's not someone peeing on the tree. That's Kevin Cash, manager of the Tampa Bay Rays, looking the bats that went missing during the Rays' short two game AL wildcard series.
  12. And all this time I thought that bats liked dank, dark places like caves to hang out in.
  13. No, the baby puke yellow fridge was long lived also.
  14. Hmm, doesn't say anything about adults.
  15. None of them, they're all dead...but if I had to choose while living, it'd be Perry Mason. He only lost one case...because the guy was indeed guilty, Burger finally won one.
  16. Looks more like a Sheepshead without the stripes.
  17. The magazines in my Doctor's office disappeared with the plague and never returned. I can understand why though.
  18. Come on man...the answer is 42...always has been...always will.
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