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  1. Heard it a couple of days ago. Meh. IMO, a shameless, no doubt successful and PT Barnum type, money grab.
  2. No. Your weight = .38 My weight =.35 You gained .03
  3. I see that you measured in grams and came up with .38 grams. I was curious, so I switched to grams, I came up with .35 grams.
  4. I come up with 5.5 grains for a 325mg aspirin. Found out that the battery needed changing in the scale also, so that measurement was with a new battery also.
  5. When hatpins are outlawed, only outlaws with have hatpins.
  6. Obviously, the handguns are locked up and are not readily accessible. Are the rifle racks made so that the rifles are not readily accessible also? Looks like there is plenty of ammo or is that only in calibers that are not popular? Regardless, that is one nice collection of firearms! Thanks for sharing.
  7. I see that every time I do RO duty at the range. They usually say something like "It's hard to keep the laser on target". I always reply "It's not like what you see in the movies, is it."
  8. I ALWAYS wipe down the cart handles and the pop down plastic plates that cover the opens for kid's legs. For the most part, kids don't have intestinal parasites (worms) nor is their exposed rectum in direct contact with the cart. Dirty diapers are another story.
  9. A man for all seasons...except the guy on the right has to pull a double.
  10. It'd be funny...if he was the leader of another Country, but he's not the leader of another Country...it's beyond sad...it's depressing.
  11. I'm looking forward to a picture of "Foxy Lady".
  12. On rare occasions, I see dogs tied up outside of stores, usually convenience stores like 7-11's and such. I think it's irresponsible for dog owners to do so but technically...an animal is their property and what they legally do with their property is their business. A myriad of bad things could happen...someone could untie the dog and set it free (getting hit in traffic, etc), steal the dog, abuse the dog, dog could bite someone (seen that happen) or feed the dog something that's bad for it. Around here, the self-absorbed idiots take their dogs into the grocery store (regardless of signs to the contrary) and either put them in the cart or, if they are larger dogs, walk them on a lease. I like dogs but I don't want them in the grocery store and I damn sure don't want them in the cart. Publix has recently posted signs prohibiting animals in the store except for animals allowed by law. No more chihuahua "guide dogs" with fake, internet bought, jackets.
  13. Well, dang! I'm happy for you and Mrs. Waimea. Want to wish you the best in your travels and stay in touch my friend. I'll see you down the road...until then, I bid you adieu! Sun
  14. Got news for ya Ike...everyone didn't think it looked right either. I remember most of the list. Never had inkwells, two bit gasoline and a few of the others...but I remember and wax nostalgic for the rest.
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