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  1. Maybe where you shoot, but not everywhere. Many clubs that I have shot at in Florida regularly have a stage (or stages) with 6 shotgun and on rare occasion 8 shotgun. Only having 8 loops leaves no room for dropping shells or missing targets. Although I don't like the belt pictured, I like having the ability to put as many, or as few, shells as I think is needed to complete the stage and I always carry 5 extra than the needed amount. I like the canvas belts. COC - Buy once, cry once...get a quality, well proven belt made by an experienced SASS shooter, maker and competitor. You won't regret it.
  2. One Of These Days (I'm going to chop your head off with an axe Eugene) Pink Floyd
  3. Shouldn't this be on the cannibal thread?
  4. Oh man! With magnetic limbs! I want one!
  5. I hope the horn is the Jaws music.
  6. And far above that spring (out of the picture) is the indent ball for the dust cover on an 1873 rifle.
  7. In 40+ years of electrical work, I've never seen a receptacle with a configuration like that. European?
  8. There's a band I haven't heard of in a LONG time. Used to see a gal back in 1977 that loved them. I still have the album I bought so she could listen to them at my apartment. It was their 1st album, I think.
  9. You know what...I think that I actually want one of those...just to piss people off.
  10. They never seemed to head east, north or south...always west. I wonder how fast you'd have to travel for it to stay light out.
  11. What...no moat...not even a Koi pond?
  12. Why? Did you just need random holes within an 8' radius...maybe.
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