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  1. Large match bonus? If you absolutely have to...make the bonus a raffle ticket for some prize to be awarded by luck of the draw. In this instance, it's 4+ shotgun...miss the bonus = no ticket but doesn't affect times.
  2. Didn't watch but the first few seconds due to time constraints (mine). Did anyone notice what happened when he levered his rifle? I did.
  3. Oh yeah, still have wiregrass. You mainly see it in an ornamental use for subdivision entrances and residential landscaping though. I imagine that there is still some in the woods however...good luck finding some woods in Pinellas Co. Hillsboro and Pasco are going that way also. When I was a kid, I stayed in the woods most of the day.
  4. I don't know. I do think that Bahia grass is itchier than St. Augustine grass though. No grass will make me itch as much as sawgrass though, it's almost like fiberglass.
  5. Strange how they only sold the firearm related portion of the business. I hate to say it, but it sounds like a woke agenda on one of the companies part. The article also states that the (selling) parent company lost $11 million in the last quarter. Hard to stay in business with those type of losses.
  6. Every time I lay down in the grass these days, someone calls EMS. To answer the question, the only part of me that itches is whatever unclad portion of my body was touching the grass.
  7. Maybe they should rename it the Biden Inflation Tree...it won't come down then.
  8. That's crazy. Like I said earlier, people are paying stupid prices for guns and these bidders show it. Congrats on getting an excellent price on the gun.
  9. That's how I cook my arsenic and copper sulfate also, just the foil though. Don't like dry turkey at all. Glad Mrs. Sun likes the white meat, I like the dark meat with dressing, real giblet gravy and jellied cranberry sauce.
  10. When I was a kid, we had to get an insect collection together for some project in school. They told us to use a cloth with carbon tetrachloride in a jar with a round piece of cardboard on top of the rag and throw the insects in on top of that. It worked REAL good. Killed them bugs within seconds. We had jars of the stuff on a shelf in the garage along with other stuff like mercury, diazinon, DDT and all kinds of insecticides that are banned or illegal now.
  11. Yeah, ya kinda learn that one purt early. Nothing NEVER means nothing...it means everything.
  12. Good buy! Just wondering if it was a known internet dealer. There used to be a good classifieds in the local paper, Tampa Bay Times, years ago. Problem was that they got more and more liberal and then graduated from just being a socialist paper to being a Communist propaganda paper and lost most of their readers...thereby the people that place the classified ads. Got a few good deals back in the day though.
  13. You might want to try the E-mail and/or contact phone # for that club. Club site below, scroll down to bottom of the home page for that info. https://www.oakwoodoutlaws.org/
  14. You found a Security Six for $450 (mol)? May I ask where?
  15. My ex used to give me the Sports Illustrated calendar every year for Christmas...it was relegated to the garage also. I would buy her a 365 Days of Puppies calendar every year. I can't remember the last time that I actually paid for a calendar. When I worked, like Dirty Dan Dawkins, I received free desktop (large) and wall calendars (medium) from electrical supply houses. Now I get them free from my car insurance company. I keep them in my computer/reloading room where I spend a lot of time. Mrs. Sun buys a large calendar from the $1.25 Store that we hang from the side of a kitchen cabinet for household community use.
  16. 5 second bonus. I do find it ironic that my call is based upon a video reprographic means which would not be permissible during the match.
  17. They just don't know when to strike with the slick lanes and all, then they have to run away without a moment to spare.
  18. Onions, raisins and real chocolate. Those household items probably poison dogs more than anything else.
  19. There is an online auction site nearby. I've bid on items and won with all of them being good deals. Just have to remember to apply an adder factor of 124.5% on them...no matter what you bid on. The pickup site is close by and the people friendly.
  20. The Shadow - Meh The Phantom - Okay The Green Hornet - Meh Superman - Good Scooby Doo - Now we're talkin' Johnny Quest - Same as Scoob
  21. Oh, they can fly, wild turkeys that is. Not for a long way or very high and they land (if you can call it that) about as gracefully as a water balloon.
  22. 1 - About $50 - $60 including insurance 2 - Between $10 - $15 3 - About 15 minutes and if using a FFL on the shipper end, don't package it all up until AFTER the shipping FFL has gotten all of the pertinent info. 4 - About 3% mol. 5 - Yes, a business like Gunbroker, E-Bay, Amazon, etc
  23. I thought he shot the cover off of an electrical ground junction box.
  24. Not recently, matter a fact, not since the plague appeared and people started bidding stupid prices for run of the mill/nothing special guns. I swear that the people don't add up the total cost of the firearm. You know...shipping , CC fee add on, tax and FFL fees at the buyer's end. Depending on the seller's conditions and cost of the firearm, it could add $100 to $150 to the transaction. A $500 gun + $50 shipping + tax (7% in Fl) + 4% CC fees + $25 buyer's FFL fees = $637 total cost. I still look but rarely bid and if I do...I always get outbid at the end.
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