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  1. Be an hour+ travel/deal with "customer service". Last time I shipped, I thought that UPS would have the black/white diamond sticker required...they didn't. Handed me a black carpenter crayon and told me to draw it on the box. I grabbed the crayon and went to work on a masterpiece. I guess I'll have to die to get recognition for the artwork...probably be worth millions then.
  2. Short answer, yes. It might be a PITA based on your location...unless you're close to a UPS Customer Service Center. You can't just go to a UPS Store or the like. I've shipped ammo via UPS easily and with good results, but the UPS location was within 7 miles from my location. https://www.ups.com/us/en/support/shipping-support/shipping-special-care-regulated-items/hazardous-materials-guide/how-to-ship-ammunition.page
  3. Those aren't fish. Those are the "I identify as a fish" pictures...except for the lower left. That's my ex-mother-in-law.
  4. Oops, there goes another glacier.
  5. Turns out there was 72 urchins waiting for him.
  6. There was a guy that worked on a jobsite that I was on that had a "truck" much like this one. Pretty sure that it was a V-8 motor running on 3 cylinders dragging a pile of rust, behind it, around town. Wasn't quite as bad as this one...but real close.
  7. I've got all the tools that I need. Now guns and vehicles...that's another story!
  8. Kind of like the joke about all the parts of the body that want to be boss... The bladder doesn't end up as boss.
  9. Those weren't called boxes, they were called forts when I was a kid. The boxes were waxed, made them (sorta/kinda) rainproof...
  10. I think that the .45 ACP caliber conversion kit (plate and pins) is the same kit for .308. The powder funnel would be different though. Thanks, Sun
  11. When someone has to question a joke, it has no continuity.
  12. Yep, kind of like bell boxes. How on Earth they let water in but not back out is unexplainable.
  13. Couple of small wirenuts, butt splice or two, some black tape...like it never happened.
  14. You must go to WAY DIFFERENT bars than I used to.
  15. What is that? Looks like a Lorena Bobbitt Voodoo dog with chips, cookies and...whatever that is.
  16. I don't even drink coffee, but I could start!
  17. I guess the other characters went to Barbera's house. Love the food!
  18. If you've never been to Arcadia, you wouldn't understand!
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