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  1. I ran new brass though my CH4D full length sizing die. Then after shooting, cleaning, and before I reprime them, I drop them in a 12ga chamber checker. If they don’t fit, which 98% of them do, and I will resize those that don’t. They usually don’t chamber check if slightly bent or not round from being stepped on.
  2. Mine got the works gummed up by shooting BP and cleaning, oil, and what ever. Dropped it in my ultrasonic cleaner and runs like new again. They are built like a tank
  3. We had one at the Georgia state match. Shot nine from rifle and put it down open with 10th round on carrier. However, he did start shooting next firearm. I was spotting and could see it was still on carrier. Then another spotter came up, grabbed the rifle by the stock and tilted it up onto the barrel and proclaimed it’s a SDQ because it’s partially in the chamber. Well it wasn’t until YOU picked it up and caused it to go into the chamber. They finally gave him a MSV because I saw it before someone else touched it. it does say in the SHB on page 14 “No other person other than the competitor may touch the firearm prior to opening the action to show it clear” in the case the lever was closed, it needs to be the same for everything else except a declared broken firearm.
  4. Based off of your personal ESG score
  5. SPP are gone now ... other still available.
  6. https://blog.safetyglassesusa.com/what-does-ansi-z87-1-certified-mean/#
  7. To get ahold of Kantankerous Tank. We were supposed to get together at the Tennessee Saturday night dinner to talk about finding a range close to Clarksville to shoot a match/start new club.
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