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  1. I was looking for scores and results from the Colorado State shoot this weekend. DC
  2. I picked up this 4th Gen Glock 19 last year and have only shot it a couple of times and want to sell and buy something else. Price is $410.00 plus shipping from my FFL to your FFL. Stock no work done at all. Thanks, DC Have the original box.
  3. That will work for 300 rounds for $70. shipped. Mesg coming with my address
  4. I am looking for about 250 pieces of used Starline brass in 44-40. I checked the starline Web site and they are asking $83.50 with free shipping for 250 new so trying to save some cash on used. Thanks, DC
  5. I would like to sell or trade 250 45 Schofield new brass for same amount in 44-40 brass. The sale price will be $37,50 plus actual shipping of $14.25 for a total amount of $51.75. Thanks for looking. DC
  6. I shot 45 Schofield rounds loaded with real black and big lube bullets for 10 years with very good results. I did try APP once and didn't work out at all. The rifle would cycle 8 rounds and then not cycle the last two rounds. Tried all the lubes with no luck. There was more blowback with the 45 round but easy to clean after each match. I switched to 44/40 5 years ago and not much blowback now. I agree with enough lube a 45 in a 73 will work out just fine.
  7. Gub Broker had some new Rossi 92's in 38/357 carbines awhile ago for $475.00 plus shipping. Take a look. I bought one for newer shooters to use at one of the monthly shoots I attend and it has been used often. Diamond Curly
  8. I could not find where Frontiersman may be shot two handed.
  9. Cap & ball revolvers, colt clone conversions, anything interesting. Have plenty of modern pistols so don't need anymore.
  10. Thanks, I entered in on the wire in error and reposted it in the classified but I must have done something else wrong because it keeps posting on the wire. Not sure what else to do.
  11. I have for sale my Tula, USSR, double hammered 28” shotgun. This is my backup to another Tula that will now be my backup to my Lassiter model 87 that I am shooting now. Good looking stock with shiny bore with no pitting. $425.00 plus shipping from my FFL to your FFL. Thanks for looking. DC
  12. I have for sale a Tula, USSR, double barreled hammered shotgun for sale . 28” barrels, shiny bore with no pitting. This is my backup to another Tula that I do not use anymore . I now shoot my Lassiter 87 and my other Tula is my backup. Great looking wood, $425.00 plus shipping from my FFL to yours. Thanks, DC
  13. I will still pay the $375.00 for the Dragoon & holster shipped. Thanks, DC

    1. Sonny Blue Sky

      Sonny Blue Sky

      I can't do that If it doesn't sell I will just keep it. But Thanks

    2. Diamond Curly SASS#57086

      Diamond Curly SASS#57086

      Thanks for the reply. DC

  14. I checked out our local USPO  and a UPS office and they want between $85.00 - $110.00 plus $45.00 more for a box to ship it. Sounds too high for me but just letting you know. Rates have really increased this past year. Thanks, DC

    1. The Telemark Kid

      The Telemark Kid

      Hi Diamond Curly,

      Wow!  That is a lot to ship, but I need one and I'm ready to pull the trigger.  Please call me so I can get your money going to you;-)

      Thank you so much!

      Kirk, aka: The Telemark Kid

      541-482/180 eight

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